Valentine’s Day Menu – GialloZafferano’s recipes

Conquer your better half with taste and prepare a candlelit Valentine’s dinner, from appetizers to desserts you will be spoiled for choice for a simple Valentine’s menu but also to prepare delicious recipes or refined desserts. You know what your partner loves the most: spice up the atmosphere by starting dinner with one pepper cream to spread on croutons, and then continue with an original and spicy first course like the venere rice with shrimp tails and a second refined like le lemon and pepper oysters. And don’t forget the most important ingredient: love!

Don’t know which dessert to choose for a special evening like Valentine’s night? The ideal way to round off your romantic dinner is the chocolate mousse and chilli, a pairing that could prove to be really explosive. Alternatively, we offer you two options: the chocolate fondue with strawberriesan aphrodisiac recipe that will tickle you in every sense, or you can prepare a sweet tooth chocolate pudding and raspberry coulis that will conquer your partner from the first taste. Also find out how to make exquisite chocolates for Valentine’s Day but if you want to stay a little lighter you can also consult all the light recipes for Valentine’s Day!

Also find out what to give for Valentine’s Day!

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