Valentine’s Day Menu – The recipes of GialloZafferano

The most romantic day of the year deserves a menu specially designed for the occasion! Indeed, we offer you two: an elegant and refined seafood menu, and a simple and delicious meat menu. A selection of recipes with an aphrodisiac touch for a truly unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

A fish-based dinner can only start with some oysters to be accompanied with a glass of champagne for a special toast. If you don’t particularly like these precious molluscs, however, you can opt for a themed appetizer made with puff pastry, ideal for filling with your favorite ingredients… an original and versatile idea that can also turn into a last-minute dessert in the variant of sweet puff hearts!

As for Valentine’s Day first courses, you’ll be spoiled for choice, the important thing is to pay attention to the tastes of your better half. Love pasta? Green light to the imagination with creative and different combinations, like the spaghettini with avocado and prawns for instance! Do you prefer risottos? Then you can prepare a classic risotto with trufflewith well-known aphrodisiac properties, or you can surprise her with risotto of loversbased on shrimp. Are you looking for a vegetarian alternative? The Citrus Risotto it’s for you!

After serving the second course, all that remains is to conclude our romantic dinner with the perfect Valentine’s dessert… which one? It’s up to you to decide between our Valentine’s sweets and cakes! In miniature format like i Chocolates or large like the heart cake? Voluptuous and seductive like the pie with fondant heartdelightfully elaborated as i chocolate and raspberry heartsor rustic and homely like i Valentine’s day Cookies? In any case, if it’s made with your own hands, it can only be the best Valentine’s gift you could wish for!

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