Vegan Carnival chiacchiere: the recipe

At Carnival every recipe counts! The proverb does not say exactly that but after trying the recipe for vegan Carnival chiacchiere you will understand that this “poetic license” hides a great truth. There cruelty-free version of the typical sweet of the Italian Carnivalin fact, it’s as good as the original recipe, but it’s lighter and it’s for everyone!

Without chatting it’s not Carnival

As soon as New Year’s Eve has passed, the shelves of pastry shops, bakers and supermarkets are filled with all the possible and imaginable sweets typical of the Carnival. At that moment a period of great torture begins for vegans every time, attracted by the smell of sweets, they collide with the harsh reality: finding vegan chatter on the market is almost an impossible mission. Also because the original recipe calls for the use of lard (now replaced by butter) as well as eggs and milk! But Carnival without chatter isn’t Carnival.

The recipe for vegan chatter

Preparing vegan chiacchiere at home is very simple, also because the recipe calls for it common ingredientsin all likelihood already present in the home pantry.


• 200 g of 00 flour
• 1 spoonful of Sugar
• 1 organic lemon
• 60 g of White Wine
• 20 g of water
• 50 g of Margarine
• Seed oil to taste


Mix the farinalo sugar and the Lemon peel. Add the White wine (o brandy), the Margarine already dissolved and thewater. Mix everything, first with a spoon, then by hand until you get a smooth dough. Leave to rest for 1 hour, then roll out with a rolling pin. Fold over several times, rolling out again with a rolling pin until you get a thickness of half a cm. If you use a pasta machine, fold and roll out 4 or 5 times to the last thickness. Make rectangles of dough with a pasta cutter wheel and make 2 parallel cuts inside the rectangle.

Vegan chat: fried or baked?

After preparing the vegan Carnival chats, if we decide to do them fries we have to immerse them in very hot oil (180º) and brown them on both sides. As soon as they are drained, remove the excess oil by spreading them on absorbent paper and sprinkle with icing sugar. For a lighter recipeinstead of frying them we can cook them in oven at 180º for about fifteen minutes until they swell. Decorate according to your preferences: with hazelnut cream, chopped almonds, Tahina or icing sugar.

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