Vegan chocolate, the ingredients yes and those no

How to recognize vegan chocolate in front of the well-stocked shelves of the supermarket or even in a craft shop? It is essential to know the ingredients which can be added to the original recipe of this food of the gods to understand when this food really is suitable for those who have chosen a completely vegetable diet.

An international success

The many chocolate fairs organized in various Italian cities demonstrate the success of this food. Turin and Perugia, for example, are known internationally for their chocolate. Even the Great cinema has often focused the spotlight on this food. From Chocolat a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factorythere are numerous films that have highlighted the magical sensations which it is able to arouse. Giving up the pleasure of enjoying this food is practically impossible. That’s why for those who have chosen acruelty-free food finding truly vegan chocolate is important and knowing the ingredients that can be added to it is essential.

A wide variety of flavours

Ever since we were children, chocolate steals our hearts with its unrivaled flavour. Few, unless they have problems of intolerance to some ingredients, are able to resist chocolate and perhaps this is one of the reasons why there are all kinds. With hazelnuts, dark, milk, white, pistachio and so on ad infinitum: there really is for all tastes. Just to satisfy all consumers, the confectionery sector is adapting to demand and they can now be found easily 100% vegetable milk chocolate bars. But isn’t dark chocolate, for example, already vegan in itself?

Dark chocolate and vegan chocolate: which ingredients?

Of all the types of chocolate on the market, that fondant it’s also that plus insidious for a vegan. In fact, this type of chocolate is not always suitable for a diet without ingredients of animal origin. Some tablets, for example, contain anhydrous donkey, miele e aromas of animal origin. Even the LECITHIN can result from animal cells, such as that contained in egg yolk. Choose a dark chocolate with a cocoa percentage higher than 65% it could be a good way to be sure that we are buying a vegan chocolate.

Other ingredients on the label indicate that the chocolate is not 100% vegetable, such as for example lactose. A separate discussion should be made for thePalm oil. In this case it is not a question of the presence of an ingredient of animal origin but rather of the environmental impact caused by its production. Let us not forget, however, that the chocolate production itself is not very sustainable and it involves exploitation, deforestation and child labour. It would therefore It is important to choose a chocolate that is vegan but also ethical.

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