Vegan roscón, the recipe for the Spanish Epiphany dessert

On January 6, the Spaniards do not give up the Roscón de Reyes, the typical dessert of the Epiphany. The vegan Roscón is lighter than the classic recipe but just as tasty.

The day of los Reyes Magos

In Spain, Epiphany day is almost more important than Christmas day. There, however, the old lady does not arrive flying on her broom, as in Italy, but the three Kings Magi to bring i gifts to children Spanish. On that occasion it is traditional to prepare the Roscón de Reyes, a kind of donut with dried fruit and candied fruit.

Vegan Roscón de Reyes: the ricetta

500 g of flour
100 g of sugar
50 g of fresh yeast
1 and a half glass of almond milk
75 g of vegetable butter
1 orange
1 lemon
1 small glass of orange blossom flavored water
Candied fruit, granulated sugar and flaked almonds to decorate


To prepare the vegan Roscón de Reyes, the procedure is the same as in the original recipe.
Grate the orange and lemon peel. In a bowl, mix the butter, the sugar, the grated orange and lemon peel and the orange blossom flavored water. Add the flour and lastly the yeast that we will have dissolved in the warm milk. Mix everything then pour the mixture onto a surface. If the dough is too soft, add a little flour. Place in a pan and let rise until doubled in volume. At that point work the dough to give it the shape of a donut, brush the surface with oil and finally decorate with candied fruit, almond flakes and sugar granules. In the meantime we would have turned on the oven at 200°: once the set temperature has been reached, we bake at 180º for about 12 minutes.


To commemorate the three Magi mentioned in the New Testament who arrived in Bethlehem to bring a gift to the Child Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrhduring the preparation of Roscón de Reyes a little gift, or a coin or a metal or ceramic statuette. For the child who finds it, it will be all one partyeven if it is said that whoever finds the surprise must pay the Roscón… but it’s just a joke!

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