Vegan tiramisu: what are the ingredients and how is it prepared?

Try your hand at preparing a tiramisu Vegan it’s not complicated, but choose the ingredients right is essential. There recipe it’s very similar to that originalbut the change of raw material affects taste and texture. If you opt for products industrialHowever, being careful remains important, especially for subjects allergicsince the risks of contaminations exist.

The traditional tiramisu

To understand how to prepare a vegan tiramisu it is necessary to start from the recipe traditional to then modify ingredients and steps. To make the classic dessert you need to have: sugar, egg, mascarpone, panna, savoiardi biscuits, coffee cold espresso, marsala e cacao bitter powder. It starts by beating the egg yolks with the sugar until you get a composed clear and frothy. At this point, add the mascarpone and, subsequently, in a delicate way, the pannafirst mounted separately.

In a bowl yes they mixthen, coffee and marsala, in which yes they immerse the ladyfingers, before arrange them on a cake pan. These must be covered with the crema previously obtained and continue with the creation of layers. When you get to the last level of cream it’s possible sprinkle the surface of the dessert with cocoa.

Vegan tiramisu: ingredients and recipe

To prepare a vegan tiramisu it is essential to have the best alternative ingredients. The mascarpone can be replaced with the tofu soft, while the traditional cream is replaced by that of SOYBEAN. The eggs must be eliminated and the ladyfingers give way to biscotti vegan, which you can buy or make at home with coconut flour, rice milk, and similar ingredients. Coffee, sugar and cocoa remain in place.

It begins, then, whipping in a mixer tofu and sugar, until the mixture is smooth. Except yes monta the soy cream, which will go gradually incorporated to this. After mixing coffee and cocoa we proceed to wet the biscuits in them, to then place them in a baking dish for sweets and start the creation of the layers, with the alternation of solid parts and cream. The dusting of cocoa remains foreseen.

Beware of tracks

When we decide to eat a vegan tiramisu we could opt for one version packaged of the dessert. In this case, pay attention to thelabel it is, however, very important. On this it is, in fact, possible to find the wording: “It may contain tracks of milk and eggs”. The presence of such residues can concern him 0.001% of the product and is to be attributed to the risk of cross contamination.

Often level industrial the preparation of veg foods takes place, in fact, on production lines used, at different times, to process animal proteins and this explains the involuntary addition. The specification does not influence the “vegan” character of the product, but it is of fundamental importance for those suffering from allergies. Even the slightest presence of allergens can, in fact, cause in sensitive individuals anaphylactic shock potentially lethal.

Using the proper ingredients to make a vegan tiramisu requires planning. For many, choosing a dessert free from animal proteins means, in fact, responding to aneed dictated by conditions salute and every little bit mistake He can have consequences serious. Today, however, there is no shortage of alternatives and, for those who love to experiment, there is even the possibility of replacing the alternative ladyfingers with sponge cake veg.

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