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Are you looking for a vegetarian menu that will enrich your Easter menu with color and taste? Here is a selection for you, lots of ideas from the Easter appetizer in a veg version, without renouncing tradition, to desserts to share with everyone, not just with those who follow a vegetarian diet! A series of quick, delicious, tasty dishes for all tastes, always perfect for the festive table!

Easter appetizers

Many appetizing vegetarian ideas, starting with a traditional classic: the famous and timeless easter cake! Did you know that it originally consisted of 33 layers of puff pastry? We offer you a simpler version, but always respecting the old traditions. For a crunchy appetizer here’s a delicious one fried asparagus with sauce and to make the children happy, the inevitable Easter stuffed eggsto customize as you prefer!

Easter first courses

Always strictly vegan! How about a soft one artichoke lasagna or more classic with pesto? If you love this seasonal vegetable, even a rich pan of pasta will be perfect! A real satisfaction to prepare these delicacies with your own hands and serve them to the whole family!

Easter second courses

Here too the veg choice coincides with a classic that everyone agrees on: an exquisite aubergine parmigiana, but also stringy artichokes stuffed with egg and cheese or rich and tasty courgettes stuffed with ricotta! The choice is yours also based on the preferences of who you will have as a guest!

Easter sweets

To end this veg Easter menu on a sweet note, you can take inspiration from typical Easter recipes such as the Apulian scarcelle, the Easter dove or a sweet tooth Dark Chocolate Easter Egg homemade. We also offer you an original, delicious variant (in short, a love dessert at first taste!) of the classic pastiera: our rice pastryaromatic and fragrant just like the traditional one!

Here are other ideas to enrich your Easter lunch:

Easter doves

Easter eggs

Full chocolate: eggs and Easter eggs!

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