Very easy landed almonds: the delicious snack for autumn afternoons


Crunchy and delicious, the almonds landed they are a typical Apulian specialty of the Christmas period.

A sweet with an enveloping flavor that turns into a tender hug for the palate during the holiday season.

The preparation is very simple, beginner-proof, and for their realization it is possible to involve even the little ones: the almonds, the real protagonists of this sweet, go roasted in the oven and separate well from each other, so that each is tanned to the right point. It will take 5 minutes. Chocolate, on the other hand, can be chosen at the discretion of one’s tastes: fondant, extra fondant, al latte or, why not, even bianco. It will be melted in a bain-marie to prevent it from burning and combined with the almonds in an irresistible marriage of flavours.

A snack to be enjoyed during the cold days of December, but which can be prepared in any time of the yearnot knowing seasonality.

Almonds landed very fast

For the result to be faithful to the original, the landed almonds must be divided into small piles and left to cool for at least 5 hours.


  • 250g of almonds
  • 150g of extra dark chocolate (above 85%)


Arrange the almonds on a baking sheet and toast them for 5 minutes at 100°C, in the meantime melt the dark chocolate. Let the almonds cool and then add them to the chocolate, stirring until they are completely covered. Create groups of 5-6 almonds arranged on a sheet of baking paper and leave to rest for a few hours at room temperature until the chocolate has completely solidified.

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