Very poisonous mushrooms: which species to avoid?

In Italia 5,000 can be found mushrooms different and some of them are very poisonous. Every year in Europe for intoxications 10,000 people end up in hospital. TO to die they are, then, generally between 200 and 300 individuals. Understand which species are the most dangerous and learn how recognize them it can then become a real lifesaver.

1 Amanita phalloides

Among the very poisonous mushrooms present in our country, theAmanita phalloidesalso known as Death angel. Even ingested in small quantities, it can cause danni irreversible to liver and central nervous system. The mushroom comes with a capello grayish-yellowish-white, smoothsometimes with green hues. The slats they are white. The Gambo appears bulbous, sometimes streaked. The Amanita Phalloides grows mainly in woods deciduous and coniferous trees.

2 Amanita Verna

Among the very poisonous mushrooms that seem conceived by nature to deceive man we find theAmanita verna. This species occurs of color candid and loves calcareous soils, moles woods of deciduous trees. The hat, hemispherical in shape which widens towards the base, appears smooth, and turns ocher in the central part. The slats are clear and dense and the Gambo it is cylindrical in shape, bulbous at the base. If ingested, this mushroom leads to cases of intoxication severe, almost always with a fatal outcome.

3 Boletus Satan

Among the very poisonous mushrooms to watch out for is the Boletus Satanalso said Evil Porcini. Il hat, with a diameter of 10-30 cm, is white in color with green and gray shades. The Gambo it is stocky and appears yellowish and not white-ochre as in the porcini mushroom. Once taken in hand the Boletus assumes nuances bluish-grey and, when cut, i pieces they turn reddish. The high content of peptide Bolesatina makes the species toxic and gives it a high hallucinogenic potential. Maleficent porcini grow in small groupsin deciduous forests.

4 Gyromitra Esculenta

Among the very poisonous mushrooms the Gyromitra Esculenta has misled many. It attracts with its own scent pleasant, but, if consumed raw, it is very dangerous due to the high content of gyromitrina, carcinogen capable of damaging the liver. The mushroom comes with a hat reddish-brown, said mitrawhich, with its folds, recalls the shape of a brain. Il Gambo it is whitish, with pink-purple hues. It prefers i lands humid, in the mountains and rarely grows in deciduous forests.

5 Amanita Muscaria

Amanita Muscaria is perhaps the most popular among poisonous mushrooms. It is known as the typical “fairytale mushroom”. His appearance looks very inviting. The hat is red, with clear lamellae, while the Gambo it appears clear and fleshy. Ingesting even small quantities can mean incurring symptoms important gastrointestinal tracts, as well as in hallucinations and euphoria, even if the outcome mortal it’s rare. Find small ones groups in deciduous and coniferous forests it is far from unusual.

For those who want to collect mushrooms, remembering that there are some very poisonous types is a must. Trust in gods experts or attend corsi before venturing into the woods it remains advisable. There golden rule however, there is always one thing to keep in mind: in case of doubt, avoiding and moving on is the only option.

The information contained in this article is intended for informational and informative purposes only and must not be understood in any way as a diagnosis, prognosis or therapy to replace any pharmacological ones that may be in progress. In no case do they replace specialist medical advice. The author and the site decline all responsibility for any unwanted reactions.

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