Waffle iron: best models to buy

The waffle maker it is the kitchen appliance you need to prepare waffles, delicious and special desserts, often associated with breakfast or a snack. In fact, these machines allow you to prepare waffles quickly and easily, in pairs or individually.

It is a household appliance with two non-stick metal plateswith grid motifs, which are heated from the inside via an electric resistance.

There are different waffle iron variations, depending on the shape of the waffles you want to obtain: there are those with rectangular, square, stick or circular plates and some may have interchangeable plates to prepare different shapes (but also cook different dishes).

The waffle iron is a lot easy to use, it is easy to clean and allows you to prepare an excellent breakfast or snack. Just insert the dough on the support side of the plate, close the machine and wait a few minutes. Once ready, the machine is reopened and the waffles are ready to be removed and filled.

But how to choose the waffle maker?

Double waffle irons

The double waffle irons they are the most common format of appliance designed for cooking this delicious dessert of Belgian origin. This type of machine usually has two rectangular plates, on which waffles are made with large and thick squares.

Machinery of this kind allows you to prepare two waffles at a time in a few minutes, usually with dimensions of approx 10cm per side.

Classic waffle irons are usually non-stick, so that the waffle does not stick during cooking and is easy to remove once ready. Furthermore, the plates can be equipped with grooves or reliefs that create the typical stripes on the waffles.

BEPER BT.602H is a classic double waffle plate for preparing 2 waffles at the same time with compact dimensions, covered with non-stick Teflon to easily remove the waffles and keep the machine clean by moving it thanks to the heat-insulating handle.


However, there are also models of double heart waffle maker, a very common shape to be found in these machines. The operation is the same as the rectangular ones, the only thing that changes is the shape of the individual waffles.

Also, thanks to this shape, heart waffle machines often create of waffles divided into wedges, which are in fact the single hearts, while in the plate the dough takes the shape of a flower. That’s what happens with the waffle maker MONXOOKa mini waffle iron that allows you to make 10 small heart-shaped waffles in one go.

MONXOOK Waffle Maker

MONXOOK Waffle Maker

Finally, a very popular form of waffle in recent years is the stick and it is precisely with this that the machine is formed BEPER P101CUD100 make 6 waffles at a time.


Single waffle maker

There are models of single waffle maker which allow you to prepare only one waffle at a time. They are economical machines, very compact and suitable for single use or for using a small amount of dough at a time.

Even if it has a smaller capacity, the single-serving waffle maker still allows you to prepare these desserts in just a few minutestherefore, even in the case of a normal amount of dough, it takes very little time to have a lot of it and not just rectangular ones.

The mini plate GutView, for example, it was created with a heart grill, to cook one waffle at a time in just a few minutes and takes up very little space in the kitchen!

GutView Mini piastra per waffle

GutView Mini piastra per waffle

There are also single machines for large wafflesof any shape, such as KitchenPro Bubblea hotplate for bubble-shaped waffles, like Hong Kong egg waffles.

CucinaPro Bubble Waffle Maker

CucinaPro Bubble Waffle Maker

Waffle plate with interchangeable plates

Some waffle irons allow you to swap the plates to make different shapes of waffles, such as circular ones or animal-shaped ones. There waffle iron with interchangeable plates it is convenient for preparing sweets of different shapes, perhaps for a snack with the children.

More frequently, though, these machines feature interchangeable plates for different dishestherefore to prepare waffles but also sandwiches, grill meat or create donuts, for example.

Sandwich Maker 7 in 1 di Hoapin it even goes as far as 7 different preparations, in addition to waffles.

Sandwich Maker 7 in 1 di Hoapin

Sandwich Maker 7 in 1 di Hoapin

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