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Nuts are fruits to which various are attributable property and know its effects benefits can only make you want to include them in your diet. In fact, these foods prove to be a real concentrate of nutrients and I am able to do from panacea to different parts of the body. Attention to calorie and moderation remain the watchwords.

Characteristics of nuts

Walnuts are the fruit of Royal Musicianbelonging to the Juglandaceae family. The edible part, said kernel, appears wrinkled and light in color. It is covered with a shell woody, called bad, which is initially green in colour. When the nut ripens it darkens and, drying outcauses the fruit to fall off the tree. As walnuts are now available in business in every season, i fiori appear on the plants in spring, while the collection takes place between October and the end of November. There are several varieties of the tasty fruit, but in our country the most common are the walnuts Sorrento, of medium size and with a slightly wrinkled husk. However, there is also ample space for those of the BrazilOf Macadamia not Californian.

Calories and nutrients

The multiple benefits associated with the consumption of walnuts derive from the fact that they are a concentrate of nutrients with many properties. These fruits are, in fact, rich in primis vitamins of group E and group B, among which B1, B6 and B9 stand out. Between minerals instead we find an important content of calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc and potassium. The contribution of fibre is remarkable and there are even i grassi. The latter, which include Omega 3 and Omega 6, are, however, mostly mono- and poly-unsaturated and are therefore often referred to as “good”. It is important to keep in mind that walnuts also turn out extremely calories. Indeed, 100 g of product add about 650 kcal to our diet.

Properties and benefits of walnuts

Knowing the properties of walnuts helps us to enjoy the benefits associated with them. These fruits are, first of all, allies of system cardiovascular. The presence of essential fats helps, in fact, to regulate the levels of cholesterol bad in blood. Football is a cure-all for bonewhile iron can help counteract theanemia and magnesium keeps the nervous system healthy, also helping to counteracthypertension. Walnuts are also very rich in antioxidants. They are, therefore, useful for counteracting the action of free radicals. The fibers transform them, moreover, into friends of theintestinewhile the presence of folic acid also makes them perfect for pregnant women. Vitamin B6, regulating the production of serotoninprevents the onset of ailments depressives and the intake of melatonin does the same with theinsomnia.

The properties of nuts make these fruits an invaluable source of beneficial effects. To make the most of the benefits they offer, the ideal is to consume them 30 g per day, equivalent to a portion of approx 6 nights. You can enjoy them fresh, like snackunite allo yogurt a Breakfast or add them to salads to give the preparations a touch of crunchiness.

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