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What is important?


In winter, the metabolism is reduced and in order to maintain normal metabolism, breakfast is a must.


Because they are nutritious and rich in nutrients. The main thing is not to overdo it: a handful is enough for a proper snack.

Fish (if you have no contraindications)

You don’t need to give up meat – if you can’t live without it, eat for health (but in moderation). But fish is a more interesting option. It is full of omega-3 acids, which are very beneficial for the body. And by the way, fish is easier to digest than meat. Still, a feeling of satiety and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach are not the same thing.

Fish (fatty), as well as nuts, is a source of vitamin D, which is very important for the body in winter. Here, for the company, add olive oil, eggs and liver. And also daily half-hour walks, whatever the weather.

seasonal vegetables

Carrots, cabbage, pumpkin, turnips, potatoes – all ours forever. Be careful with potatoes – you don’t need to fry them, it’s better to bake, stew or steam them.


It would be better if they were healthy and not too greasy. It is clear that from the cold, hearty and rich borscht is an overeating. But vegetable cream soups and chicken broths are healthier.


Winter is not the time of year when you want to drink all the time. But it needs to be done.


They invigorate and work to reduce appetite. Only here, too, you need to observe the measure.

Eliminate from the diet

  1. Fatty sauces (such as mayonnaise), sausages, sausages, flour, soda, semi-finished products. In principle, such a set should not be in the diet at any time of the year, and not just in winter. There is nothing good here.
  2. Snacks. You know what we mean. Yes, yes, these rolls, chocolates and other chips. Much joy, zero benefit. Choose nuts, muesli, fruits (but also in moderation).
  3. Coffee and tea. Of course, it is not necessary to exclude, but it is desirable to slow down. Seagulls-coffee in the cold season is just right, but if you accompany this business with milk, cream, sugar and cookies, there is little good here. Watch this, please – don’t let the coffee and cookies turn into a mountain of coffee and cookies.
  4. Fast food. It’s obvious.

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