What are the cities where you eat best in the world? The ranking

The TasteAtlas ranking reveals the cities where you can eat best in the world: Florence ranks first, followed by Rome, Lima and Milan.

No less than 2 Italian cities on the podium of the cities where you can eat best in the world: this is the conclusion of a ranking compiled by TasteAtlas, the international portal dedicated to travel and gastronomy, which has tried to interpret the tastes of customers through their reviews.

Il method used to compile the ranking was as follows: the average of the evaluations of the best local and regional dishes offered in each city, the average of the evaluations of the national dishes offered in the same city and finally the average of the evaluations of the best traditional restaurants were taken into consideration of that location listed on Google.

Let’s find out the rankings!

City where you eat best in the world

The ranking of the cities where you eat best in the world: the first Italian ones

Firenze occupies the top position in this ranking, with a score of 4.71, thanks to a food scene that represents an enchanting marriage of old world charm and modern culinary innovation. A distinctive aspect is the importance given to the concept of “farm to table”, with numerous family restaurants offering dishes prepared with high quality local ingredients. Traditional Florentine cuisine is characterized by its simplicity and the attention given to the typical local ingredients. Among these are the crushedthe famous Florentine steaklamprey, ribollita, pappardelle with wild boar and Florentine tripe.

In second place Rome arrives with a score of 4.68: famous above all for its trattorias where it is possible to taste pasta alla carbonara, cacio e pepe and penne all’arrabbiata. These are just some of the favorite dishes of those who visit Rome, a city that ranks second in the ranking. Of course, we cannot forget the famous pizza by the slice and the delicious saltimbocca alla Romana.

In third place, with 4.66, there is Lima in Peru. Here the favorite dish of the local population is ceviche, a preparation based on raw fish marinated in citrus juices and seasoned with chilli pepper.

In fourth place we return to Italy, and more precisely in Naples, who narrowly misses the podium with a score of 4.65. Here pizza is the dish par excellence loved by people, but spaghetti with clams and spaghetti alla puttanesca should not be overlooked. Furthermore, in Naples the sfogliatelle and the babà are also appreciated.

There is no shortage of Hong Kong in 5th position, followed by Mexico, New York, Paris and Tokyo. Closes the top 10 in the standings Milanowith a score of 4.59.

The other cities where you eat better in the world

I am ben 100 the cities selected and ranked by the TasteAtlas port, with an article describing all the main characteristics, the score and what are the main dishes. Also, on their official Instagram profile, they posted the complete list. Among the colors of the flags, the tricolor stands out, but the flag of the United States of America also defends itself.

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