What are zucchini good for: properties and benefits of the vegetable

The zuchinis I am a concentrate of property and they prove, therefore, extremely aliments benefits for most of the body. Mineral salts e vitamins abound, while the calorie remain contained. Including these vegetables in our diet means, therefore, safeguarding the health linehow much the salute of heart, digestive system and urinary tract.

Calories and nutritional values ​​in zucchini

Zucchini are a real concentration of benefits for the body and to make them so rich in properties are a number of important nutrients. Such vegetables are 95% composed of water and are, therefore, first of all, extremely moisturizers. They are also rich in mineral saltsamong which potassium, zinc, manganese and phosphorus stand out.

Also important is the contribution that these vegetables can give to our body in terms of vitamins. In fact, they contain good amounts of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, as well as folate. L’caloric intake however, it is very limited and 100 g of product add about 15 kcal to our diet. The food turns out, moreover, easily digestible and has a glycemic index very low. It is therefore suitable both for the needs of the little ones and for those of diabetic subjects.

Properties and benefits of zucchini

By virtue of the many nutrients contained, zucchini can boast various properties. The food turns out a good diuretic natural and is therefore, useful, to fight water retention e cellulite. He then acts as a good helper in the fight against the problems of urinary tract. Furthermore, these vegetables have an important action antioxidant and are able to stimulate the immune system.

Potassium is a panacea for the Heart and help fight hypertension e exhaustion. Zucchini also prove to be great allies ofintestine. They are perfect, in fact, to fight the constipation in a delicate way and make from anti-inflammatory. In case of gastrointestinal problems they are, then, the ideal choice for reinstatement the nutrients lost without straining the apparatus. Finally, it is a matter of vegetables able to favor the relax and night rest.

Properties and benefits of zucchini for the skin

The properties of zucchini make them extremely beneficial foods also for the health skin. Thanks to the good content of antioxidants, these vegetables are perfect anti-age. Therefore, they help protect the tissues from free radical damage and maintain the skin young and fresh. Vitamin C is, moreover, essential for the formation of the collagen.

The abundance of water in these vegetables makes them even more enemies of wrinkles and transforms them into great allies of the skin.tan. In addition to being part of the diet, zucchini are also useful simply apply on the face. Cut into slices and leave on for 20 minutes, in fact, they help to reduce wrinkles rings under the eyes and give shine.

Knowing the benefits of zucchini helps us to make the most of their properties. It is possible to consume these vegetables daily basis, perhaps combined with other fresh products. One serving consists of approx 200 g of product equivalent to 3 or 4 medium sized courgettes. These vegetables lend themselves well to being ingested rawsimply seasoned with oil and lemon, but they can also become protagonists of recipes more elaborate.

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