What can be done with tangerine peels?

In winter the mandarin is among the principles of the tables and figuring out what to do with them peels of this fruit can help us limit waste. The latter are, in fact, rich in nutrients and can be used both in kitchenas well as in other areas. Recycle them it’s really simple and the only prerequisite required is a little creativity.

1 Candied mandarin peels

For those with a sweet tooth, understanding what can be done with mandarin peels means trying their hand at candirle. We start by peeling the tangerines, depriving them of the white part, and then cutting the zest a strips. These need to be boiled. The operation is repeated three times by changing thewater, so as to mitigate the bitterness. The skins must then be covered with water and sugar and bring to a boil again, for then cook 10 minutes. Once evaporated the liquid the zests should be left to drip and can be served plain, covered with chocolate or become an ingredient for sweets.

2 dried mandarin peels

For those wondering what to do with tangerine peels the idea of ​​turning them into dust it can be successful. To do this, you have to start by doing dry the zests, putting them to cook in oven at 50°C. Once dehydrated these can be blended in a blender mixer and become great gasket for desserts or for meat and fish dishes.

3 Flavored salt and oil

Tangerine peels can give life to olio e sale perfect for flavoring fish-based dishes. For the first preparation it is necessary to put the peels in a bottle of oil and leave them in infusion for 10 days protected from light and heat. For the salt we proceed, however, by putting salt and grated peels in oven at 50 °C for 15 minutes, then transfer the mixture into a glass jar.

4 face masks and scrubs

Understanding what to do with tangerine peels involves realizing that they can also be useful outside of the kitchen. Dry and mix with sugar cane and olio of olive can, in fact, give life to one scrub which will keep in the fridge for a week. Blend and mix with medium albums they can then turn into a scented one face mask great for cleansing oily skin.

5 What to do with tangerine peels? An infusion

To make the most of the mandarin peels for our well-being, transform them into a infusion It is ideal. To do that is enough wash them and put them in a saucepan together with plenty of water and then bring the mixture to boil. The final result can be consumed again hotor cooler, as a drink relaxingperhaps enriched with a teaspoon of miele.

6 scented decorations

Understanding how to use tangerine peels may involve making them part of our own setup homely. The outermost part of the fruit is, in fact, very perfumed and presents a color brilliant. In combination with lavender, cloves and other ingredients it can then be perfect for creating gods it smells natural linens or become part of table centerpieces e pot pourri.

In short, mandarin peels are one resource and understanding what to do with them means concretely engaging in recycling advantageously. Indeed, they are rich in vitamin C, fibre e essential oils, so wasting them is not advisable. Choosing fruits organic with untreated peel it remains, however, fundamental.

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