What can not be cooked on the New Year’s table in the year of the Tiger – 2022?

Each year according to the eastern calendar passes under the auspices of a specific animal: in 2022 it is the Black (Blue) Water Tiger. According to signs, in order for the year to be successful, promising success in business, wealth and health, you need to put on the New Year’s table such dishes that the owner of the year will appreciate. What will the Tiger like and what cannot be cooked for the New Year 2022?

How to please the Tiger?

Tigers are not sophisticated gourmets in food, preferring simple but varied dishes. Of course, the basis of their diet is meat, but the owner of the year will not be against plant foods. If a purely meat menu does not seem varied to you, dilute it with fish and seafood dishes. In general, such products are not typical for the diet of this predator, but belonging to the water element leaves its mark.

The predator loves liquid dishes, so your New Year’s table may well have … soup!

Tigers are characterized by a slight adventurousness, so they will be happy to try something new – original and unusual.

The tiger is a bright, charismatic animal. This should be taken into account when choosing New Year’s recipes: it’s great if there are a lot of rich colors on the table – fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs. Do not forget about the traditional New Year’s fruits – oranges and tangerines. The tiger loves them for their orange color to match their fur.

The predator will not appreciate excessive embellishment, but a beautiful, discreet decor will please him. To decorate dishes, you can use bright spots – fresh herbs, pieces of pineapple, tangerines, orange rings, pomegranate seeds.

The owner of the year also has his own requirements for table setting. He prefers natural materials: you can cover the table with a linen tablecloth, decorate with spruce branches, cones, rowan clusters. Instead of a napkin ring, use twine or jute thread, and a round saw cut of a tree can act as a hot stand.

What can not be cooked in the Year of the Tiger – 2022?

The master of the year has a couple of strict taboos. So, he does not like:

Asian cuisine.

The fact is that some eastern peoples eat tiger meat. It is considered a delicacy. It is better to choose dishes from other cuisines of the world, which include the use of beef, lamb, chicken, fish, rabbit meat.

Hot sauces and condiments.

Cats are attracted to strong aromas, but you should not be zealous. Remember how an ordinary domestic cat pulls back in disgust if you give it a sniff of food with a thick layer of seasonings. The tiger will not be delighted either.


Cereals are not included in the cat’s diet, so the Tiger will like bright vegetables rather than cereals on the New Year’s table.

There are also non-strict recommendations. For example, predators do not favor seafood (they do not know how to catch fish, squid, crabs), but, as already noted, you can enter them on the menu – however, in limited quantities (Tiger is a Water Tiger!). The main thing is that such dishes are not the main ones. The predator will not like the game on the table either: on New Year’s Eve, he obviously does not want to hunt, and even share the prey with the guests.

The Tiger also has its own view on drinks: the predator does not favor alcohol and fizzy lemonades. He will like it more if there are several bottles of quality wine on the festive table. But the choice of soft drinks is not limited – from compotes, fruit drinks and lemonades to cocoa with marshmallows and mulled wine with grape or pomegranate juice.

Pay attention to one more nuance: the owner of the year does not like waste, so he will be unhappy if you have to throw away the food left after the feast. It is better not to cook for the future, but to offer guests as much as can be eaten.

Simple and tasty New Year’s recipes that the Water Tiger will definitely appreciate are collected on the pages of the culinary portal Koolinar.ru. Here you will find everything – from hearty meat dishes and unusual side dishes to light salads and delicious desserts. Delicious New Year – easy!

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