What foods contain insect meal?

In the future find foods containing insect flour will become anything but a rarity. The new ones took care of sanctioning it norms approved by the EU authorizing the marketing of certain products. The measure aims to promote the sustainability and soon we may see several articles that we know change clothes. Actually, by the way, today we already eat foods that contain traces of small animals, but we often do it without knowing it.

Insect food of the future

The new ones have taken care of rekindling the debate on insect flour-based foods policies food of the EU. In fact, at the beginning of 2023 the competent bodies authorized the marketing of the dust of Acheta Domesticusa, o cricket flour. Previously the green light had been given to products based on intestines some dried flour e locusts migratory. Novel foods remain a controversial topic, but they represent one resource from both a food and an environmental point of view. Insects are breedable in spaces restricted, but are a concentrate of protein. The imprint of carbon connected to the supply chain is, then, equal to 1% of that attributable to livestock.

Novel Insect Meal Foods

Soon seeing insect meal products may become the norm. Importantly, at least for now, new products will remain a potential alternative to the traditional ones and do not intend to replace them. In the future, the cricket flour can then be used for making pasta dried stuffed and not, biscottidry preparations for products from oven e pizza. The insects will then become part of breadsticks, cracker, barrette with cereals, various types of pane e snack similar to potato chips. Based products chocolate or legumes and other vegetables, soups ready, serum for powdered milk, replace the carne and various types of drinks, including beer, are not excluded from the impending revolution. The presence of insects must be reported in label.

Do we already eat insects without knowing it?

The thought that in the future we will taste food made from insect flour makes many turn up their noses, but the reality is that small animals are already part of our diet. According to estimates, each of us unknowingly consumes about 500 g per year, since it is about contaminants allowed in a certain proportion by law. There are also various products on the market in which they are used as dyes.

When on the label we see the wording “E120” we are faced with the presence of carminic acidobtained from the powder of cochineal. This gives food and drinks a lively ruby ​​hue and is therefore used in yogurt strawberry, drinks with red fruits, juices, appetizers rosy-red and even candies gummy.

Insect meal foods are poised to conquer the markets. There safety of the products is guaranteed, but caution it remains recommended for people allergic to molluscs, crustaceans and dust mites. FAO shows that theentomophagy it is a common practice for about 2 billion people in the world and the 54% of Italians who are against the changes seem destined to be disappointed.

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