What fruits are eaten in January?

With the start of the new year, the good resolutions put on the list in the last days of the previous year are still fresh. Among them is often the goal of getting in shape and, consequently, having healthier eating. And what better way to carry it forward than eat more fruit during our days? To start in the right gear, let’s see then what are the fruits that are usually eaten in January based on the typical seasonality of our country.

January, what fruits do you eat?

Certainly January, like the whole winter season, offers a slightly less wide variety than summer when you go to see which seasonal fruits can be found on the greengrocer’s stall. The masters are certainly the citrus fruitsfruits that are typically eaten in wedges (format in which they better preserve their nutritional properties), but which are loved by many people above all for their tasty juice regenerative that can be obtained from them. Dominating are the bright and warm colorsor red, orange and yellow.

Here are the fruits that are eaten in January in Italy:

  • oranges
  • clementine
  • cedars
  • grapefruits
  • mandarins
  • Mandarins
  • kiwi
  • bodies
  • pere
  • grapefruits

Citrus fruits, the princes of January

As mentioned and as the list confirms, citrus fruits dominate the fruits eaten in January. In addition to the famous vitamin Coranges and their brothers they are rich in group B vitamins, fiber and sugars and citric acid, a substance that helps regulate the biological processes of our body and acts as an antioxidant. In short, they are excellent allies to fight seasonal ailments, such as sore throats and flu.

The secrets of the kiwi

In this sense, the kiwi also proves to be a great help, even more so than citrus fruits. In fact, not everyone knows that this green fruit is often mistreated and decidedly less popular contains a greater quantity of vitamin C than oranges and tangerines. In addition, it has a refreshing taste, it is thirst-quenching and diuretic helps against constipation thanks to its richness in fibre. its consumption finally, it is indicated for pregnant women to prevent and/or solve some small problems that may arise during the nine months of sweet waiting.

Mine is a pear

Last but not least, among the fruits eaten in January we find apples and pears. Also in this month, despite their seasonality is heading towards the conclusion in our country, they reveal themselves excellent sources of fiber, calcium and other minerals. The former also contain quercetina useful antioxidant, while the latter are a valid one support for our cardiovascular system.

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