What happened to the former winners and competitors of MasterChef

Let’s find out what happened to the former MasterChefs, with all the curiosities not to be missed on the winners and the most loved competitors.

After ten editions and a myriad of competitors, the program Master Chef Italy never ceases to fascinate many viewers. The most inveterate lovers of this TV program, broadcast on Sky Uno, will wonder what happened to the former MasterChefs. We have the answer! From the winners of the most recent seasons to the most loved competitors, there are many chefs who have been successful after this adventure and who have continued to live from their passion. Let’s discover some together curiosity about the main protagonists!

What happened to the ex of MasterChef, the winners of the various editions

Let’s start with the very first winner, in 2012, of this cooking show. There first season saw at the top of the podium Spyros Theodoridis, an Athenian cook who was able to open his own restaurant in Scandiano. After a while, however, he left managing it and, after writing a couple of cookbooks, he decided to travel the world with his own cooking shows.

The following year it was the turn of Tiziana Stefanelli. She too, immediately after the victory, opened her own restaurant in the center of Rome. After some time, she decided to return to television with various cooking shows and, now, she continues to devote herself to cooking in distant Singapore.

Of course, you will remember Federico Francesco Ferrero. After the third edition, the doctor continued to work in the world of nutrition, editing a column in La Stampa and a theatrical show as a foodteller.

The most contested, over the years, was Stephen Callegaro. After the fourth edition, he continued and won the lawsuit to demonstrate to the world the regularity of his participation in the program, contrary to those who insinuated that he was not just an amateur chef. Currently, he works as Executive Chef for the Legami Sushi & More chain.

From the podium of the fifth season, the love between Erica Liverani and the kitchen has become increasingly strong. To date, she manages a diner in Ravenna, together with her sisters, and transmits her passion on social networks, consolidating her identity as a food Influencer.

In 2017, it was the turn of Valerio Braschi. Despite his young age, he has continued to make Italian cuisine known even beyond national borders. After many efforts, he opened his own restaurant in Rome.

The seventh edition of this cooking show saw a triumph Simone Scipioni. Subsequently, she increased her fame by writing a cookbook. Then, he became Chef Manager of a restaurant in Civitanova Marche.

The winner of MasterChef Italia 8, on the other hand, was Valeria Raciti. After this adventure, she published her own cookbook. Her success prompted her to travel the world, discovering new flavors and traditions and preparing for a new literary success.

We arrive at Antonio Lorenzon. The award-winning chef of the 9th edition has gained above all in terms of fame. Currently, he transmits his passion for cooking through the profession of food influencer.

The penultimate in chronological order is Francesco Aquila. The success of last season’s winner began with the publication of his first book “MY WAY, Zio Bricco che recipes!”, now in its third printing. Furthermore, since 12 September 2021 he has been the protagonist of a new cooking show all about him entitled “IL Volo dell’Aquila”, broadcast every week on the Food Network channel.

We close, for now, with Tracy Eboigbodin, winner of Masterchef Italia 11. After the victory, she began to entertain several collaborations, working as a chef for masterclasses, private and non-private events. In November 2022 she was invited by the Italian Embassy in Nigeria, her hometown, on the occasion of the week of Italian food in the world.

What the best-known protagonists of the cooking show are doing today

If you are wondering what happened to the former MasterChef Italia competitors, it is easy to say. Many of them have realized the dream of running their own restaurant. Among them are Glory Cry with its “Indiniò”, in the province of Udine, e Frederick Penzo with “Ghembo”, in Chioggia, both released from the eighth edition. After the first edition, however, the former dancer Anna Lupi he continued to work in the kitchen, opening his own restaurant with a vegetarian and vegan menu in Verona, called “La fata zucchini”.

Different story for the note Rachida Karrati. The unforgettable competitor of the third edition, after the particular adventure, has left the world of cooking. Subsequently, she resumed her job as a seamstress, but she also returned to television, participating as a competitor in the reality show “L’Isola dei Fumi”.

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