What has happened so far: Food blog balance sheet 2022

Berlin TV Tower Copyright: Morgane Le Breton via Unsplash

1 year and 28 blog posts are behind us. That’s at least a few more than last year, but in 2022 we will not even come close to reaching the blog frequency of previous years. We blame it on the lack of time and a demanding second half of the year on many levels, which has made blogging a challenge alongside full-time jobs. The cherished annual review in the form of the Food blog review but we don’t want to miss this year either.

Staying true to the popular end-of-the-year tradition, we’re running the blog event, the Sabine from tastes like more launched nine years ago. Below you will find a list of all blogs that ours invitation on the food blog balance sheet 2022 followed and published a culinary review of the year. We will continuously update the list. If you would like to be included with your food blog balance, simply leave a comment with the appropriate link.

Our food blog balance sheet 2022

1. What was your most successful blog article in 2022?

Okay, it’s getting monotonous. As in previous years, the Avocado-Mango-Salat mit Mozzarella Also in 2022 the recipe that was called up, searched for and imitated the most by far. I have a feeling that we will see him again in a year from now. From the recipes published in 2022 came the Apple ring cake with cinnamon and hazelnut swirl best at.

2. Which three of your own blog articles from this year meant the most to you personally?

Sabrina: The year began with a New Year’s resolution. Out of #52Cookbooks we wanted to cook in 2022, pull a different one off the shelf every week so that we didn’t just reach for the same five books and give dusty, almost forgotten copies another chance. At the start of the campaign, Ottolenghi gave us the most wonderful Burrata with grilled grapes, mint and roasted fennel seeds. In the end, it wasn’t quite 52 cookbooks, but we managed to get a good part of our cookbook shelf. Some old treasures were rediscovered in this way, other cookbooks that no longer inspire us (or never could) had to go.

Burrata with grilled grapes, mint and fennel seeds Ottolenghi

The fact that the Russian army attacked the Ukraine at the end of February with a wanton war of aggression still stuns us after more than 10 months. In March we teamed up with some other food bloggers to draw attention to the situation of the local people and those fleeing with Ukrainian dishes and to show support options. As part of the “All we need is peace” campaign, numerous dishes from Ukrainian cuisine have come together, including these delicious dumplings: Wareniki with potato-lemon-dill filling.

Ukrainian dumplings: Wareniki with potato-lemon-dill filling

After we had not traveled for 2.5 years due to the pandemic, the anticipation of Portugal in the spring was huge. But as soon as he arrived in Porto, the man developed a suspiciously dry cough and the first morning on vacation began with coffee and a positive quick test. Nice shit! Five days followed, during which I looked at Porto alone and took a vacation for two. Then it got to me too and from then on we lay flat together in our fortunately well-equipped accommodation and let the delivery service provide us with pastéis de nata and other Portuguese delicacies. The planned five nights in Porto turned into eleven. The man recovered and fortunately also saw some of the really pretty city. Despite all the odds, we fell in love with Porto and now we know that the city is also great for solo travelers. You can find a few impressions on our Sightseeing walk through Porto.

Porto Azulejos an der Fassade der Igreja do Carmo

Steffen: Fortunately, after the less than ideal vacation in Portugal, our trip to Norway in late summer was crowned with more success. In addition to incredible nature and great museums, we are immortal in all variants of Norwegian yeast pastries in love. And what could be better than being able to get holiday memories out of the oven?! Accordingly, I am pleased that it is the Skoleboller – fluffy coconut-cardamom-pudding particles – made it onto the blog.

Norwegian skoleboller - yeast pastries with coconut, cardamom and custard

In the summer we invited my colleagues to our place and served countless bowls, pots and bowls with delicacies. An unexpected favorite was the Tomato salad with roasted lemons and sumac onions, which I made for the evening for the first time. And because it was so well received, the recipe ended up on the blog shortly afterwards. For me, the article is a perfect example of what makes our blog special, even in its 12th year: recipes from our everyday life, combined with a personal story. A culinary diary.

Tomato Salad with Roasted Lemons and Sumac Onions recipe

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been living in Berlin for almost two years now. We’ve seen a lot of the city and the area around Berlin since we moved, but I still have the feeling that there’s so much we don’t know. That’s why this year I was particularly concerned about the invitation to the Flaming pleased and about that with it the first travel article to Brandenburg can be found on the blog. Hopefully there will be a few more next year.

Jetty at the lake in Fläming Brandenburg

3. And which three from other blogs inspired you the most?

Two of them come to mind spontaneously: The recipe for Carrot Salmon (vegan Carrot Lox)which Christina from Feines Gemüse posted at the beginning of the year and was able to satisfy our craving for vegan salmon, after all the variants we bought were an overpriced disappointment.

Plus the Heart my Backpack articles to help us plan our Road trips from Bergen to the Sognefjord and up Aurlandsfjellet really helped a lot and stand for all the other blogs that were also helpful sources for holiday planning this year.

4. Which of the recipes you published in 2022 did you cook the most – and why?

Definitely the Port wine apricots with pistachio amaretti mascarpone. Inspired by an Ottolenghi recipe, this creamy dessert has become our favorite summer dessert, not only because it tastes amazing, but also because it’s so easy and easy to prepare.

Port wine apricots with pistachio amaretti mascarpone recipe dessert

5. Which cooking or blog problem has you been dealing with in 2022? And did you solve it?

The tiresome topic of “time” has also accompanied us through this blog year. Not enough of it remained for blogging, although we would have had ideas and drafts for umpteen other recipes and travel reports. Because at least the desire to cook, eat and write continues. In addition, the blog urgently needs a new theme. Our current one is very old, hasn’t received any updates for a long time and will probably finally have problems with the latest PHP version next year. There was also a lack of time and nerves to tackle the transformation. So we’ll take the solution to this problem with us to 2023 – meh.

6. What was your biggest culinary discovery of the year – which food, which recipe, which kitchen technique, which taste opened up a whole new world for you?

After countless attempts and rather mediocre results, we finally managed to create the perfect gnocchi. Thanks to our little action #52Cookbooks we came across the perfect recipe in a cookbook and got the technique right away Wild garlic gnocchi with radish butter implemented. Of course, we share the tips and insights in the blog post.

A new culinary discovery for us this year was Brunost. We tried the melty, slightly caramel brown cheese on various waffles, pancakes and breads in Norway and found it so good that we had to take a big chunk home with us. Chances are good that a recipe with brunost will make it onto the blog very soon.

Wild garlic gnocchi with radish butter recipe

7. What was the best (or funniest) search term that brought visitors to your blog?

This year, the yield of funny or bizarre search terms is quite meager compared to previous years. One wonders why “Munich full at the weekend” is (perhaps the seeker should also walk away from the city center …) or how best to enter a “Girls weekend in Munich” can spend (a Visit to the Alte Utting is definitely a good start!). The fact that Japan has been allowing tourists to enter the country again since October is also reflected in search queries. “Tokyo how long is too long?” but we can come with you “there is no such thing as too long for this city” answer, because we easily still have weeks in the Japanese metropolis can spend. That searchers with terms like “Elvis-Burger” or “Cucumber Water Cocktail” Regularly ending up on our blog may sound strange, but in fact we have recipes ready for both. The proof: Elvis-Burger and Dill or no Dill. However, why do you find us when you look for “Hummer All you can eat” is incomprehensible to us.

8. What do you wish for yourself and your blog in 2023?

that he survives. As already mentioned in question 5, we are facing some technical and design challenges and our motivation to solve them is just limited. Apart from that, we are still very happy when our recipes and travel reports meet with interest and encourage people to cook and travel at home.

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