What is celery good for? Properties and benefits of vegetables

Celery is widely used in the cuisine of our country and the vegetable brings together a gusto unique and a series of property beneficial for the body. Regularly consuming this vegetable, of which there are several varieties, helps keep you healthy digestive system, kidneys e liverbut it can also be useful in case of bronchitis. Poverty of calorie e versatility complete the picture.

Calories and nutritional values ​​of celery

Celery is a herbaceous plant belonging to the celery family Apiaceae. It is a food used both rawis cottowhich encompasses several nutrients. First of all, vegetables are very rich in waterbut also features a good content of minerals. Among these they stand out potassium, very present, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Between vitamins instead we find those of group C, E, B and K. I grassi they are practically absent and a portion of 100 g of celery contributes no more than 17 kcal. The vegetable is often, therefore, an integral part of they say low-calorie and, thanks to the high content of fibreit is particularly satiating.

Properties of celery

The many nutrients contained in celery transform the vegetable into a concentrate of property. It is no coincidence, therefore, that it was used even in antiquity as MEDICAL and that today both the white and green varieties, as well as celeriac, are widely used in herbal medicine. By virtue of the high water content, the vegetable is, first of all, extremely diuretic. He therefore presents himself as a great ally in the fight against water retention and, therefore, to cellulite. The fibers then transform it into an excellent product intestinal tonicwhich helps to combat the constipation and the meteorism. Flavonoids, carotenoids and folates make it a powerful one antioxidantcapable of protecting the body from the action of free radicals.

Benefits of celery

The various properties that celery can boast transform the vegetable into an ally of different parts of our body. In addition to being a panacea forintestine it exercises, in fact, a beneficial action also on kidneys e urinary tract in general, of which helps fight infections. Do, then, from anti-inflammatory natural and is particularly effective for relieving digestive system e conjunctivitisas well as to combat theacne.

Vegetables are also perfect for relieving ailments related to cough e bronchitis. If consumed regularly it helps to keep blood levels under control cholesterolto fight thehypertension and to keep healthy brain. It is also a food detoxfriend of liver. Thanks to the presence of delta-16 steroid hormones, celery can even be considered bland aphrodisiac.

Celery, with its many properties, can become the protagonist of many preparations. Together with carrot and onion it is one of the ingredients of friedbut the vegetable can also enrich fresh salads. I centrifuged which include it are beneficial and, for those who do not like flavours pungentare recommended pairings with apple, kiwi and ginger. To take advantage of its action expectoranthowever, it is possible to consume it in the form of herbal tea, combined with cinnamon and honey.

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