What is Joe Bastianich’s favorite wine?

What is Joe Bastianich’s favorite wine? Surely it can only come from his cellar in Friuli Venezia Giulia… but let’s find out!

We all know who Joe Bastianich is: entrepreneur, TV host, singer and even a contestant on some TV shows like Beijing Express 2023 (where he reached the final). Her ability to shed her skin and follow his passions can only be compared to true African chameleons, and it is also for this reason that she is much appreciated (and criticized) in Italy and all over the world. One of his passions, never abandoned, is certainly the culinary and wine sector, do you know that? So here we are going to find out which is Joe Bastianich’s favorite wine that comes from his cellars!

Joe Bastianich
Joe Bastianich

Joe Bastianich’s wines

Bastianich founded a winery in 1997, which owns 27 hectares of vineyards, all located on the Colli Orientali del Friuli. The vineyards are located in two separate areas, both classified as Doc and the cellar produces both whites and reds.

The productions of the Bastianich Cellar are:

Hornetbase of Refosco and Merlot;
PlusFriulian vine;
White waspChardonnay and Sauvignon base assembly;
Red waspMerlot and Refosco base blend;
Ribolla Gialla Plus;
Pinot grigio;

Joe Bastianich’s favorite wine

Joe Bastianich confessed, already during Vinitaly 2019, which is his favorite wine among those he produces and confessed it during an interview also shared on Facebook.

“Vespa bianco is the wine that somewhat represents my idea of ​​a white wine – explains Bastianich -. It is a white blend of Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Picolit, but more than the varieties, this wine expresses the potential of a terroir where you can make great white wines.

He then went on to say: “Definitely pairs well with i first courses, pasta, butter, ricotta, white meats and similar. […] If you close your eyes it almost feels like savoring a red wine”.

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