What is mapo, the hybrid citrus fruit

As autumn progresses, how many of us have found ourselves in front of a fruit and vegetable stall, face to face with a mapwondering things this singular fruit? Such citrus, also called tangeloit’s a crossroad between grapefruit and mandarin, which comes as a mix of features unique. Including it in our diet means, then, being able to enjoy a variety of benefits unsuspected.

What is the map?

To understand what the mapo is, one must bear in mind that it can be considered a fruit “hybridā€. His name is citrus tangelo and belongs to the family of Rutaceae. Lā€™tree which produces it reaches a height of 12 m and the width of the crown reaches 9 m in diameter. The mapo first appeared in the USAtowards the end of the800. Today, in that country, it is grown in Florida and California, while in Italia the production is located in Sicily and Calabria. The fruits ripen at the beginning ofAutumn and are, therefore, available on the market before many other citrus fruits. These come with a slim peel green-yellow and keep inside a pulp meaty. Their flavor is sourlike that of grapefruit, but has notes sweets clearly attributable to Mandarin.

Calories and nutrients

Once you understand what mapo is, it’s almost natural to wonder Why we should include it in our diet. The answer comes, first of all, from the calculation of calorie. 100 g of product add, in fact, to our diet only 33 kcal. The mapo is, therefore, a fruit that is friend of line and, given its low content of sugars, it is also recommended for diabetics. Moreover, it is a very rich food water e you fibre. Like other citrus fruits it also contains good quantities of vitamin A, B and especially C. Between minerals on the other hand, potassium, iron, calcium, iodine and magnesium are well represented. The mapo is also an excellent source of folic acid e flavonoids.

Mapo: properties and benefits

Understanding what mapo is helps us understand that the consumption of this fruit brings many to our body benefits. Vitamin C and flavonoids make it, first of all, a food with great properties antioxidants. Thus, it protects our body from harm free radicals and protects the cardiovascular system. It then turns out to be a panacea for stomach e intestine. This citrus fruit also contributes to keeping i healthy fabrics and help fight water retention e cellulite. The mapo then presents himself as a powerful man anti-inflammatory natural and can become an excellent ally of immune systemagainst seasonal ailments. It can even turn into an adjuvant in the treatment of disorders of the sleepgiven its ability to promote relaxation.

Knowing what mapo is is essential to learning how to to exploit this tasty fruit in the best way. It can be consumed frescoperhaps as a snack, in the form of juice or it can become an integral part of sweet tooth recipes. In fruit salads and salads in winter it can, in fact, replace lemon and in desserts it is ideal as an element acid. The list of citrus fruits to try is getting longer.

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