What is sushi terrorism and what it consists of

A new stunt started from the web: in Japan the “sushi terrorism” is depopulated where the restaurants with the conveyor belt are targeted.

Even in Italy there are, albeit in smaller quantities, sushi restaurants with conveyor belts, where the dishes are placed and then passed in front of the customers who can choose in complete autonomy. This method of catering, however, was recently targeted on social networks and, above all in Japan, “sushi terrorism” was born which jeopardizes the hygiene and health of customers. But let’s find out better what it consists of.

Sushi on the conveyor belt
Sushi on the conveyor belt

What is sushi tero or sushi terrorism

It all started with a video posted on Twitter where a Japanese boy took a bottle of soy sauce from the conveyor belt of a major restaurant chain: Sushiro. The guy licked the cap then then put it back in the roller and not onlyhe also licked the edge of a teacup (which met the same fate as soy sauce) and finally licked his finger and then touched the raw fish on a passing piece of sushi.

This phenomenon, which could have remained a stunt in bad taste, has instead triggered a terrible chain reaction: young people all over the world, but especially in Japanhave begun to replicate the joke, putting restaurateurs in serious difficulty who are trying in every way to safeguard the health of customers and general hygiene in their restaurants.

Do you think that the Sushiro chain has lost, after these events, a collapse of shares on the stock exchange.

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