What is the best dove 2023? The ranking of Altroconsumo

April 9th ​​is getting closer but it has already been a few months since the supermarket shelves, almost simultaneously with the Carnival chatter, have been offering us the classic Easter desserts. Also this year Altroconsumo magazine has established which is the best dove 2023 for value for money.

From those of supermarkets to artisanal brands, the offer is capable of suit all budgets. However, prices are clearly increasing, thanks to the high price of raw materials that has affected all of Europe. Sugar, oil and milk are among the hardest hit by inflation and this can lead to a significant increase in the final cost. An example? Sugar has come to cost 50% more than last year.

What is the best dove under 10 euros?

According to Altroconsumo, the best dove under 10 euros is that of Mark Baiocco, sold at a price of less than 4 euros. They follow Trunks e Carrefour who offer a product under 5 euros. You go up, but only slightly, with the brand Coopwho sells his dove for less than 6 euros.

Prices then begin to rise and the difference can be over 500%. This is the case of the Colomba Tre Marie whose price ranges from 17 to 24 euros and Vargani, which can cost up to 20 euros.

What is the best artisan dove 2023?

Now in its fifth edition, Divine Dove also this year awards the best artisan dove. It is positioned on the top step of the podium that of Vito Saccente del Saccente Bakery of Palo del Colle (Bari). They follow that of Only at Manducaof Aprilia (Latina) and Colombo pastry shop of Barasso (Varese).

If, on the other hand, you love the most creative desserts, the best Colomba is that of Italo Vezzoli. To his In Croissanteria of Carobbio degli Angeli in the province of Bergamo prepares a delight with white chocolate and lemon.

Always handcrafted but with a lower price, according to Esquire the best dove is that of Follador Ovensold online at a price ranging from 18 to 36 euros.

There is also no shortage of chefs who dedicate themselves to the creation of traditional leavened products for special occasions. It is the case of Antonino Cannavacciuolo which sells its dove online, also in a vegan version, from 40 euros.

The sweets market last year had a turnover of over 400 million euros and festive baked goods represent a large portion of it. Choosing the best dove among the vast offer can prove difficult but if we really can give you some advice, prefer those with long leavening: they will be more aromatic and digestible.

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