What is the difference between borlotti beans and cannellini beans?

The difference between pinto beans e cannellini beans exists, but is often ignored or underestimated. Recognize the two varieties is, of course, simple, but keep in mind that each of them has features precise, which go far beyond the aspect is not immediate. Taste, consistency, nutritional values e recipes then they come to our aid.

Pinto beans

To understand what is the difference between borlotti beans and cannellini beans, you need to know the features of both. Borlotti beans are the most popular type of beans popular in our country and we are used to seeing them both in the aisles of supermarkets and in our pantries. They show up within pods streaked white and red. The beans are of varying shades of marronewhose nuances tend to red, bright or dark. These legumes arrived in Italy in XVI centurybut they are originally from South America, precisely from Colombia. Borlotti beans are an important source of fibre, protein, vitamins of group B e minerals, among which phosphorus, potassium and magnesium stand out. 100 g of product contribute to our diet 133 kcal.

Cannellini beans

The difference between borlotti beans and cannellini beans is evident if you look at the beans particular signs of the second variety of legumes. The cannellini beans are more little ones and they have form elongated, almost cylindrical. Theirs color it is clear, practically white, tending towards pink. Also originating from South America these are now grown in different parts of Italy, especially in Tuscany. Cannellini beans are rich in fibre e protein and, at the same time, they are poor in grassi. Their bass glycemic index makes them perfect for diabetics, while the high content of minerals makes it a panacea for the body. Among these, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron are the best represented. Consuming 100 g of these legumes means adding to our daily calculation 91 kcal.

Difference between borlotti and cannellini beans

The difference between borlotti beans and cannellini beans appears clear, even if there are common points. Both varieties of legumes are available commercially available fresh, canned or dried. It is important to emphasize that, in any case, the beans must be consumed cooked. The borlotti beans have a peel tougher and a marked ability to absorb the flavors of the foods with which they are cooked. They are, therefore, perfect for the preparation of soups, soups, purees and hearty recipes that also include meat. The cannellini beans are more mealy and they have a soft heart. Theirs gusto it is, then, more decisive. This makes them gods Side Dishes ideal, even just seasoned with olive oil and spices. In dishes such as salads, soups, hamburgers and vegetable meatballs are, however, the ideal ingredient.

Understanding the difference between pinto beans and cannellini beans can prove useful. The protein some legumes offer an excellent alternative to those of animal origin. Match them in the correct way, with sources of carbohydrates and, therefore, with i cereals allows you to make the most of its benefits. Choosing the most suitable variety for the recipe helps to combine the useful and the pleasant.

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