What is the difference between cherries and sour cherries? Let’s clarify

Similar in shape, less in flavor and uses in the kitchen, cherries and sour cherries are not the same fruit. Here are the differences between the two.

With the arrival of summer, baskets and baskets of baskets appear in the fruit and vegetable department of supermarkets sweet and red cherries. You know, one cherry leads to another, but do you know what is the difference between cherries and sour cherries? Similar in shape, these two fruits are actually They are not the same thing.

The differences are not only in the taste, but also in the uses in the kitchen. Let’s see about to clarify so as to move with more awareness in the world of cooking!

Cherries and sour cherries: the differences


The first substantial difference between cherries and sour cherries concerns the plant that produces them. The cherry tree has a scientific name Prunus aviumwhile that of cherries is the Prunus cherryalso called sour cherry. They stand out several varieties of cherries: railway cherry, van cherry, blackberry of cazzano, lapins cherry and durone. Among the best-known varieties of black cherries is the cherry.

As can already be deduced from the name, the first substantial difference between the two fruits is the taste: cherries are sweet and juicy, black cherries are more tart and hard.

Either way it’s about rounded red fruits. Cherries though are usually larger of black cherries and with an intense red colour, while black cherries have a firmer pulp and are of a softer red colour.

In the kitchen, cherries are used above all for the preparation of jams, syrups and liqueurs. Without a doubt, the best known one is the maraschino.

It often happens that cherries are confused with another fruit similar in shape and taste: the cherries. Used above all for the preparation of jam first and then of the sour cherry tart typical of Roman cuisine, they are yet another variety.

Among the recipes with cherries that are ideal for preserving their flavor for the winter is delicious cherry jam. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to resist, here are many recipes with cherries to prepare and enjoy right away!

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