What is the difference between cotechino and musetto?

For many of those who live in the Northern Italy a New Year’s the unmissable appointment is with cotechino. Cotechino, lentils and polenta it is for many an inevitable part of the traditional big dinner. But as often happens in a country with infinite local culinary traditions and declinations such as Italy, it is enough to move a handful of kilometers to come across different recipes and preparations sometimes capable of completely changing the flavours. In the specific case, the difference between cotechino and musetto it is mainly due to the cut of the meat used to prepare this tasty sausage.

Difference between cotechino and musetto: change the meat used

The name itself “cotechino” takes its name from the rind o pork rind. A poor traditional dish, the cotechino perfectly embodies the old adage of how “nothing is thrown away” from pork. Different cuts are used for its preparation, often poor and recycled. The composition varies greatly depending on the place of production but generally a cotechino contains a dough based on rind of pork, lard and cuts of pork generally not very valuableall ground with salt and pepper as well as spices and herbs.

The main difference between cotechino and musetto is in the type of pork used to prepare the sausage: in face in fact much of the meat comes from the “snout” of the pig (hence the name). Even for the muzzle there are infinite varieties of preparation but it is not unusual to find, in addition to rind and guanciale also, tongue, chin and others parts of the head. All obviously flavored with salt, pepper and stuffed into natural casings as per tradition.

Cotechino and musetto: the difference between the places of diffusion

Cotechino is a popular dish throughout the North: from Emilia Romagna it ends up touching Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino and Friuli. The difference between cotechino and musetto is also in its geographical diffusion: in fact, the musetto is one variety of cotechino typical of Friuli e you parts of the Veneto and not widespread in the rest of the country. The history of the origin of the cotechino is lost in the mists of time but for some it would be precisely the variant of the Friulian muzzle that represents the progenitor of cotechini and the recipe at the origin of this tasty typical holiday food.

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