What is the difference between juice and juice?

Juice e juice they are excellent drinks to be consumed at different times of the day, but, even if we don’t often dwell on the question, between the two there is more than one difference. From the technique used to produce them, ai products involved, passing through the amount of sugars e nutrients present, each product has unique characteristics. Not making confusion can, then, help us to make our body and taste happy.


To understand the difference between juice and freshly squeezed juice, focusing on the first product can help. It can be obtained via centrifuge or through extraction. In the first case the process involves the use of lame which rotate at high speed and therefore produce heat. For the second type of beverage, on the other hand, the separation between the liquid and fibrous parts takes place a cold. Industrially, to be defined as juice, an article must contain the 100% of fruit pulp and must not have the addition of sugar. When the percentage is less than 50% we are facing the nectarwhile if the value is below 12% it is called a drink to taste of fruit. The juices can be made in house or at the level industrial. For the latter, high-speed centrifuges are mainly used. The drink is then pasteurized and enriched with preservatives.


The difference between juice and squeezed juice is clear by looking at the characteristics of the second product. The term It is mainly used in reference to citrus fruits and indicates fresh drinks that turn out to be a concentrate of nutrients. Oranges, lemons, tangerines and other similar fruits are, in fact, rich in vitamin C, A and B antioxidants, sugars and minerals. The juices are obtained with the help of the juicerwhich can be electric or manual. Depending on the choice, the final result may appear more or less liquid and, therefore, bring to our diet a greater or lesser content of fibre. Because vitamins and minerals do not deteriorate by consuming the juice immediately after it is done it is essential.

Difference between juice and juice

In short, the difference between juice and squeezed appears rather marked. The first drink can prove to be a panacea if made in home, but according to statistics in Italy industrial alternatives dominate the market. In this case it must be done Attention. The classics brick they reveal themselves, in fact, often, yes, energizingbut much calories and should be consumed in moderation. At home, juices can, on the other hand, become an excellent resource for including fruit and vegetables in our diet, quickly and easily, perhaps as part of a snack. The juices are perfect, however, to combine benefits for health and taste. They can become the ideal drink to accompany one Breakfast sweet or savory.

Understanding the difference between juice and freshly squeezed juice helps us compose our daily diet more effectively aware. The best solution remains to alternate the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables to that of these refreshing drinks, so as to maintain a varied diet. To each, then, the task of finding their own mix of ingredients favorite.

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