What is the difference between onion and shallot?

When we cook, we often don’t stop to think about difference between onion e shallot and we tend to use the two vegetables as interchangeable ingredients. Both vegetables are a panacea for the organism, but each has characteristics peculiarities and adapts better to certain preparations. Taste e nutritional values they can help us not get confused.


To understand the difference between onion and shallot, analyzing the characteristics of the first popular vegetable can prove useful. This is dear to man sinceantiquity. The Egyptians they were greedy for it, while Greeks e Romani they admired its healing properties. Over time the onion has become the great protagonist of boards and today in our country several are grown variety. The most famous is the sweet one Tropea Red Onion. The scientific name of the plant is Garlic onion and the onion is the edible bulb produced by it. This, generally round in shape, can be eaten both cooked and raw and lends itself well to various dishes preparations. Together with carrots and celery it forms the basis for the fried. However, the vegetable can also be served natural salad, fried in the classic rings or prepared with ovenand al steam.


Looking at the peculiarities of the shallot, the difference between the latter and the onion is evident. It is the edible bulb of theAllium Ascalonicum and, unlike that of the sister vegetable, looks like composed yes several bulbilli. At his form it is, then, generally elongated. This vegetable has been cultivated for over 3,000 years and its origins can be traced back to Palestine. The shallot probably came in Italia in Roman times, thanks to trade, and has remained rooted in tradition peninsula cuisine. It is often considered a sort of third way between garlic e onion and is used especially in the first dishes. In fact, vegetables lend themselves very well to flavoring risottosbut it can become the hero of the dish if au gratin or served in combination with other vegetable ingredients.

Difference between onion and shallot

Shallots and onions have several sides in common, but there is more than one difference between them. To allow us to distinguish them is, first of all, the taste. The onion has, in fact, a sweeter taste and decidedwhile the shallot is more on the palate delicate. The use of certain variety rather than others it can, however, move the axis. Both vegetables are, however, rich in vitamins A and C. It is, then, food low-calorie. The onion is, in reality, even more dietetic, as it provides 40 kcal per 100 g of product, compared to 72 kcal of the other bulb. However, the latter is richer in antioxidants. It contains, in fact, 20 times more polyphenols of the onion.

Understanding the difference between onion and shallot can help us make our own recipes even tastier. In certain preparations, such as for example in omelettes, it is possible to use one or the other almost indifferently, but this does not apply to other dishes. Include both vegetables in the diet however, it is recommended. They are, in fact, allies of the cardiovascular system and present themselves as excellent foods detox.

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