What is the difference between parsnips and carrots?

belonging to the same family (Apiaceae or umbelliferous plants) and very similar in shape: at first sight they look a lot alikeso much so that some confuse them but in reality there is more than one difference that allows us to distinguish between parsnip and carrot.

The difference between parsnip and carrot

That there is a difference between parsnip and carrot is quite evident if both of these vegetables are known. First of all, the parsnip is slightly larger than the carrot and sometimes comes to weigh three times more compared to an average carrot. Also, the parsnip is more woodyespecially if they are large. His skinvery subtleis lighter, in color White ivory. Among the differences we must also underline that the parsnip contains more proteins and more sugars than the carrot, resulting, therefore, more caloric.

Parsnip, this unknown

Cultivated mainly in the northern European countriesin the United States e in Francehas been supplanted by the potato and is almost unobtainable, in fact in Italy few know it. The few Italian crops are concentrated in the province of Vicenza. In the province of Lecce, a Sant’Ippaziohowever, is cultivated pastenacabut this term does not refer to the parsnip, but rather indicates a particular type of carrot, very tender, very sweet and with a color ranging from yellow to purple.

La parsnip in the kitchen

The parsnips is sweeter compared to the carrot, with a fresh and intense flavour. When it is small, it can also be eaten raw, as happens with carrots, but it is preferable, especially if it is large and therefore tends to be more woody, to use it to flavor stews, soups or fillings. It’s great fried, eaten like chipsor oven roasted.

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