What is the difference between rib and chop?

Rib e bro are two terms widely used in our country, but often understand the difference between the two cuts is not immediate. The two words actually indicate raw material distinct and avoiding confusion is not complicated. Tradition he changes in language have over time added nuances to the original meanings, but characteristics of the meat and methods of baking remain the best clues to rely on.


To understand the difference between rib and chop, it is useful to look at the meaning of the first term. This word indicates a cut of meat obtained from race, the muscle mass covering the bovine’s back. It looks like a sort of cylinder of meat, spaced out by the ribs. On the side front of this food, then, bone-in “steaks” are obtained, which are called ribs.

Unlike those obtained from the rear, which are the classic ones Florentinethese are devoid of fillet steak and they turn out, therefore, more fibrosis and less soft. It is, however, a cut of meat valuableoften called sirloin, which is strictly served with theosso. The latter does not have the classic shape that distinguishes the “T-bone steak”, but appears more grosso and flat.


The difference between rib and chop becomes evident if we focus on the meaning of the second term. This indicates, in fact, several foods in various areas of the country. Al Sud is used to refer to rolls of meat with different fillings, while al Nord alludes to specific cuts. We speak, in fact, of chop to refer to slices of meat of variable thickness, usually within a couple of centimetres, strictly served withosso. The word is used today mostly in reference to the meat of swine and we talk about chop with fillet steakOf costa o two-color. What makes the difference is whether the products are made from the part front o rear of the loin, rather than both.

Difference between rib and chop

Both in speech and on a theoretical level, the difference between rib and chop is evident. In the two cuts, the grasso. In fact, there is a tendency to think that fine meats must be devoid of it or contain little of it. In the case of the rib, however, it is precisely this anatomical component that gives it softness, juiciness and flavor to the meat. The chops are, on the other hand, generally more thin and in those of pork the percentage of fat comes to be less than 7%.

The methods also differ baking. For the ribs, the grill is the classic barbecue represent the best choices. For the second food, on the other hand, it is also possible to opt for cooking in panal oven or even for details breading.

Understanding the difference between rib and chop helps us to avoid misunderstandings and to choose the right ones ingredients best for our preparations. What remains important is always the willingness to use raw materials from quality and, therefore, attention to the origin of the latter. Trying your hand at recipes based on meat is not the cheapest of propositions and distinguishing the two cuts is often also the prezzo.

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