What is the difference between sausage and luganega?

Sausage e luganega give substance to the traditional dishes of different regions of our country, but understand that difference there is between the two is not always simple. Process of processing, form, history e origin they help us distinguish, but taste also comes to our rescue. However, not giving in to confusion makes it easier to make the right choices kitchen.


To understand the difference between sausage and luganega, starting from the characteristics of the first can be useful. This is prepared throughout Italia and it could be said that each region has its own recipe. The term sausage identifies, however, a gut filled with pork, salt, pepper, red wine and various spices. The ingredients used vary, however, depending on the geographical area. In Emilia Romagna Lambrusco is then used, while al Sud “sausage” is widespread familiar” which includes the addition of tomato, cheese and parsley. To vary is, often, also the Name which is given to the preparation. In some areas it may happen to hear about salamellawhile in others the term is more common indefinitely.


The difference between luganega and sausage is evident if we analyze the peculiarities of the second preparation. It is a long and narrow sausage, rolled up spiral. The product is left at season for a short time, from one to four months, and in some regions of Italy it comes afterwards smoked. Il Name, which in some areas changes into luganiga or luganica, is connected to the Lucan origins of the food. Historically, the sausage has been widespread since the time of the Romani, as reported by the historian Marco Terenzio Varrone. At the time it was, however, made with the waste some meat. Today the luganega remains much loved al Nord where it is part of many recipes of the tradition and that of Monza it is considered a specialty.

Difference between sausage and luganega

In short, the difference between sausage and luganega is quite marked. There form constitutes the element that allows us to distinguish them already at first sight, while origin e territory diffusion complete the picture. The peculiarities of each preparation make, however, so that each lends itself better to specifics firings. The sausage can then be placed in oven and cooked with potatoes, wine and spices. The luganega is, on the other hand, perfect for cooking in humid and is also the basic ingredient of the renowned risotto alla monza. Both varieties of meat are, however, excellent alla grill. The sausage is, therefore, today particularly used as street foodto fill sandwiches.

Knowing the difference between sausage and luganega can prove to be an extra weapon at the moment to choose the ingredients for a recipe. Both products are born as foods poor e of recoveryBut today the situation is quite different. They are, in fact, among the most requested in butcher’s and they have also conquered the kitchens of the greats chef starry.

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