What is the difference between soup, soup and soup?

While the cold returns to the protagonist of the season, meals based on soup, soup o velvety they resume greedy and curiosity about what it is difference between the three dishes it reappears. The ingredients they look more or less similar, but origin, consistency and nuances of preparation help us distinguish. Sometimes, then, to shuffle the cards a bit, tradition takes care of it.

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To understand the difference between soup, soup and velvety it is useful to start from the characteristics of the first course. His Name comes from the term soupwhich we can translate with today’s administer. The meaning of the use of the word is to be found in the fact that it was the householder. The soup was born, however, as poor dishmade with seasonal vegetables, which takes on a rather textured liquid. To these are added, generally, gods cereals. In Lombardy e in Veneto it is very common to find soups enriched with rice, while in Emilia Romagna pasta and cappelletti are the most popular. Farro e orzo complete the picture in other regions.


The difference between soup, soup and velvety soup is evident by looking at the peculiarities of the second course. The name of this comes from the term of Gothic origin soup. It pointed to the slice of pane which was usually placed in the bowl, into which the broth would then be poured. The soup is, therefore, once again, a preparation based on verdure of season to which, however, no cereals are added, but some panecut into slices, or gods crostini of more or less important dimensions. Thanks to this variation the preparation turns out less liquid of the soup. There Tuscany he has made kale soup one of his fortes. In Sardinia to complete the preparation we find the inevitable addition of cheese, while in other regions of Italy i legumes they become the principles of the recipe.


When faced with a velvety soup, understanding that there is a difference between this soup and soup is inevitable. The name of this dish derives, precisely, from the consistency peculiar that the preparation assumes. In order to make the recipe it is, in fact, necessary blend different types of vegetables, previously cooked together. The number of different vegetables generally does not exceed the three. To make the final result even more dense and envelopingto complete the dish they are generally added as binders dairy products or egg yolks. The popular couplings and triads for the realization of the preparations are now different. Leeks, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, asparagus and squash are among the main ones protagonists some tasty recipes.

Now that the cold season is preparing to make our days more sparkling, understanding the difference between soup, soup and velvety soup can help us make the best choices in kitchen. These dishes are now part of the menus of the chef and, in many cases, they have been so enriched as to become meals complete. Throat and body can only benefit from it.

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