What is the difference between steak and chop?

When it comes to meat, sometimes it’s hard to name it without distinction bro o to steakbut between these two types of food there is more than one difference. Cut, animated of origin and Preparation confer to each of the two products features unique, even if often the tradition ended up moving the definition parameters.

What is a Steak?

To understand the difference between steak and chop, it is possible to start from the analysis of this first one word. It derives from the Italianised pronunciation of the English term “Beefsteak”, which literally means “rib of beef”. The first to use the expression in Italian was the cooking expert Pellegrino Artusi. To carry out the transliteration were, according to what was reconstructed from the testimonies, i Florentines in the second half of the 16th century. Today steak has become a generic term which, according to the definitionindicates a large and thick slice of meat cut together with theosso. The steaks par excellence are those of bovineobtained from cuts of sirloin, rib and walnut. The term is, however, used today to also indicate other types of carnesuch as that of horse or pig.

What is meant by chop?

To understand if there is a difference between chop and steak, it is necessary to ask what this second term really means. In the various regions of Italy, it is used to identify foods different. In the North this means a piece of meat, give it thickness variable, but usually within a couple of inches, of beef or pork, trimmed, again, with theosso. Today the word is mostly associated with a cut of swine. We speak, then, of chops with fillet steakobtained from the back of the loin, of braciole di costaif obtained from the front part of the loin, and rib chop two-color if cut near the capocollo.

Difference between steak and chop

In short, steak and chop are two terms that indicate similar products, but between which it is possible to identify some differences. The former mostly refers to cuts of meat that need to be cooked to perfection grill, in a pan or directly on the grill. The steak par excellence is the Fiorentinato which the English term refers T-bone steak, whose origin is to be found in the shape of the bone with which the meat is served. Chops, on the other hand, can be prepared on the grill, but they also lend themselves to being toasted cooking panto one breading or cooking al oven. Those of pork are, moreover, very lean, with a content of grassovisible and easily eliminated, usually less than 7%.

As language changes the difference between various terms sometimes loses value and the case of steak and chop proves it. In reality today very different meanings are also attributed to the second term. In the South it indicates, for example, gods rolls of meat stuffed with cheese and herbs. What is certain is that uncertainties do not touch the throat.

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