What is the difference between tangerines and clementines?

In winter, citrus fruits become the princes of the table and are among them Mandarins e clementineamong which note the difference it’s not often simple. In reality the two fruits have both sides common be features peculiar. Appearance, nutritional values ​​and taste can, then, help us avoid confusion, by making from clues detectors.


To understand the difference between tangerines and clementines, looking at the characteristics of the first citrus fruit can prove useful. This is a hybridresult of crossing between tangerine e sweet orange (Citrus sinensis). His origin is uncertain, but many link it to the Far East, possibly China, and ancient times. At the sight the tangerine is more grande than the mandarin, but smaller than the orange, with a peel with an intense orange color, thick and not particularly easy to remove. Inside the fruit is divided into wedges and the pulp it is juicy, but does not give off a strong scent. THE semi they are present in variable quantities and appear small and pointed. Delete them therefore it is not simple.


The difference between tangerines and clementines is easy to understand if we look at the peculiarities of the latter. Also in this case we are dealing with a fruit hybridbut this time the cross in question is between mandarin and orange amaro. The origins of citrus fruit are relatively recent and are disputed between Algeria and China. Clementines come, however, with one form roundish, not flattened at the poles and sport a peel thin, bright orange, tending towards red. There pulp it is juicy and sugary and is generally devoid of semi. Some exception remains possible due to cross-pollination by bees, but the fruit is especially loved by children precisely because of this feature.

Difference between tangerines and clementines

At first sight mandarin oranges and clementines could be confused, but it is possible to notice the difference between the fruits. Taste and taste also take care of avoiding mistakes nutritional values. Tangerines are, first of all, slightly more calories some clementines. Indeed, 100 g of the first product contributes to our diet 53 kcalwhile, if we look at the second citrus fruit, the value is 47 kcal. The sugars they are more abundant in tangerines, which contain, however, less than tangerines. These citrus fruits also prove to be an excellent source of mineral salts e fibreas well as of niacin, a fundamental vitamin for many metabolic processes. There vitamin C it is abundant in both fruits, but once again clementines show the highest values.

In short, the difference between clementines and mandarins could be considered clear-cut, but it should be emphasized that the distinction is not uniquely recognized. Over USAfor example, a special classification is not reserved for citrus fruits of the first type and they are made come back in the mandarin category. Everyone has the duty to assign, with the tasting, their own preference.

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