What is the difference between Tarocco, Valencia, Navel and Washington oranges?

The oranges they are among the protagonists of the cold months and understand the difference between varieties Tarot, Valencia, Navel e Washington it can make our choices easier. Some citrus fruits are, in fact, perfect to eat freshwhile others are ideal for creating tasty juice or turn out to be an ace to draw in kitchen.

Tarocco oranges

To understand the difference between Tarocco, Valencia, Navel and Washington oranges, starting from the characteristics of the first variety is useful. This citrus is born in the province of Syracuse at the beginning of the 1900s. Here a farmer would have discovered a mutation of Sanguinello oranges and would have marketed them. Tarocco oranges are grown today mainly in the part Oriental of Sicily. They have form spherical tending to ovoid and have a peel thin orange color. The fruits are of caliber medium large and theirs pulp it is bright red, sweet, aromatic and seedless. Tarocco oranges can be eaten at wedges or become ingredients of colorful salads. Their juiciness high makes them perfect also for juices.

Valencia oranges

The difference between Tarocco, Valencia, Navel and Washington oranges becomes evident if we look at the peculiarities of the second type of citrus. The cultivation of this was introduced in the 16th century in Spainbut today it is widespread throughout the world. There are a lot of oranges of this type resistant in the cold and that makes them perfect to be keep in the fridge. Maturation is then belated and allows you to have seasonal fruit of this variety until June. Valencia oranges have shape spherical and are of color light orange. There pulp it is blonde and contains seeds. The taste it is a mix between sweet and sour, the intensity of which depends on the degree of ripeness of the fruit.

Arance Navel

Navel oranges are a unique fruit. Their name, which in Italian is translated into navelins, between referring to a characteristic of the fruit. In fact, in the part of the peel opposite the petiole, it presents agrowthoften mistaken for a defect, which recalls, in fact, a belly button. Inside the citrus fruit it is possible to recognize a small one twin orange, never grown up. The first fruits of this type were produced in Brazil in 1820. They exhibit a peel medium-thick bright orange color, like the pulpwhich is seedless. Such citrus fruits, juicyI’m very sweets and contain high amounts of vitamin C.

Arance Washington

To understand the difference between Tarocco, Valencia and Washington oranges, it must be remembered that the latter belong to the Navel group. They are named after the capital American where some agronomists, after noticing a spontaneous mutation of the Selecta cultivar, decided to to experiment and commercialize it. Today the variety of Ribera is considered an excellence. The fruits are ghostequipped with the typical “belly button” and present a peel bright in color, thin and easy to remove. There pulp it is seedless and dissolves easily in the mouth without leaving any residue. It then turns out to be not very acidic and therefore easily digestible.

The difference between Tarocco, Valencia, Navel and Washington oranges does not immediately appear obvious, but it becomes understandable after a first glance analyses. What all varieties have in common is, however, the ability to be one panacea for the organism. Citrus fruits are, in fact, a concentrated of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers and in our diet they cannot be missing.

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