What is the difference between white and brown eggs?

When the time comes to buy while shopping eggthe possibilities seem almost endless and understand that difference there is among variety white e brown it is a necessary premise. The distinction is, in reality, only exterior and is determined by some characteristics specifications of the laying hen. Quality and content of nutrients do not depend on the color of the article, but, often, the inhomogeneity also concerns the prezzo.

Difference between white and brown eggs

The difference between white and brown eggs must be considered purely external. The different colors assumed by the shell in fact, they do not in any way modify the composition of the latter. Therefore, it remains one casing protective that preserves the integrity of the yolk and albumen, composed of calcium carbonate, phosphoric acid and various organic substances.

The hue depends, however, on the variety of hen layer. Hens with the plumage dark color produce pink-brown eggs and, conversely, a lighter livery will be associated with white eggs. Observe the color of the lobby of the animals’ ears allows us, however, to predict with reasonable certainty what kind of eggs will be produced, without assessing the entire plumage.

Are white or brown eggs better?

Once you understand the difference between white and brown eggs, comparing the two seems inevitable. In reality, however, the quality it is not a comparison parameter. This essentially depends on the conditions where the hens are raised and the type of feed with which they are fed. It cannot therefore be influenced by genetic characteristics some animals.

However, it is often the fact that there is a discrepancy of prezzo between the two products. This depends on the fact that dark hens are generally larger. This affects the amount of nourishment needed and, therefore, the final cost. There is also the belief that the shell of white eggs is more subtle. This is actually a false myth, given that the thickness of the latter is inversely proportional to theage of the hen.

Are Egg Whites Cholesterol Free?

The difference between white and brown eggs does not affect the eggs in any way nutritional characteristics of foods. In short, regardless of the color of the shell, what is inside does not change. However, 100 g of product contributes to our diet 112 kcal.

Il yolk, which is the part that should give rise to the chick, remains a concentrate of fats and proteins. It is this that provides, therefore, all the contribution of cholesterol. In a medium-sized egg, white or brown, they are contained 220 mg of this substance, equal to 80% of the requirement daily. ueL’albums it is, however, protein, but is rich in water. It is therefore easily digestible and suitable for a sportsman’s diet.

Understanding what the difference is between white and brown eggs can prove helpful in shopping more aware and helps us dispel some false myths. Guidelines on the evaluation of freshnessthen they don’t change. If after having immersed an egg in a basin of water we see that it sinks we can consume it raw. If it tends to go up it would be more indicated cook it and if it floatsit is better to pass over.

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