What is the difference between wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar?

Wine vinegar e apple cider vinegar they are widely used condiments, but often the difference between these two substances remains little known. They present some features in common, but from the raw material to their possible uses, the peculiarities are many more than the similarities. Investigating the question can help us to give more flavor to our recipes and encouragebody.

Wine vinegar

To understand the difference between wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar, focusing on the characteristics of the most famous variety can help. Wine vinegar is obtained from fermentation of grapes, must or, of course, wine. In the process the acetobacteria transform ethyl alcohol into acetic acid. The substance obtained, after a period of rest variable, which determines the level of merit, is filtered and bottled. This type of vinegar represents more than one three-quarters than that sold to date in Italy and is obtained both from wines rossi both from wines bianchi. Even if the second type has a taste more delicate, the gusto the condiment appears, however, rather sour, due to the high content of acetic acid, whose minimum value reaches 6%.

Apple cider vinegar

The difference between wine vinegar and apple vinegar is easily understandable if we look at the peculiarities of the second variety. In fact, apple cider vinegar is obtained from a completely different base. To ferment is, in fact, the anchor. This type of vinegar is widely used in the countries ofEuropa Northern and Central, but is also very popular in Italia, one of the largest apple producers in the world. The substance has a taste acidmore delicate, however, than that of wine vinegar, with an acetic acid content of 5% and a alcohol content lower. His color it is typically deep yellow and appears cloudier than its wine counterpart, with sediment clearly visible.

Difference between wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar

Wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar have characteristics in common, but the difference between them remains clear. Both products are indicated as condiments to be used in case of a diet low calorie and they can boast of great power satiating. These substances are great allies ofintestine and help keep them in check glycemia e cholesterol. They introduce into our body minerals and precious antioxidants which support the cardiovascular system. Their peculiar flavor makes them suitable for you use different. Wine vinegar lends itself well to condiments, marinades and cooking in recipes where tastes predominate I decided, as in dishes based on meat or game. Apple cider vinegar plus delicateis ideal for enhancing the flavor of verdurepreferably a rawperhaps in fresh salads.

Although we often tend to use them indiscriminately there is more than one difference between wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar. It is good to remember that both substances must be consumed with moderation by those who suffer from problems of acidity of stomach. However, apple cider vinegar may cause fewer problems. Prefer products from qualitylet’s hope organicis always an excellent choice and adds a touch of class to our preparations.

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