What is the first thing associated with the New Year?

What is the first thing associated with the New Year? We are sure that the majority will respond with the smell of tangerines! Even if the holiday is still far away, you can feel the festive mood right now by taking out a jar of fragrant tangerine jam. Such a delicacy brings your favorite holiday closer and creates a magical and cozy atmosphere at home. Beautiful, bright and cheerful jam pleases not only with its taste and aroma, but also gives aesthetic pleasure. It instantly cheers up and turns even the gloomiest day into a real holiday.

Tangerine jam is a rather rare dessert on the shelves of our supermarkets. Not every manufacturer can boast of having tangerine jam in their assortment. One of the first in Russia to produce tangerine jam was the brand of natural and healthy products “te Gusto”.

Jam “te Gusto” is an anti-stress product. Noble golden color, delicate aroma and invigorating citrus taste will not leave anyone indifferent.

The company’s assortment includes a wide selection of canned vegetables, fruits and berries, but their jam line is of particular interest. “Te Gusto” is the first company that introduced Russians to unusual and rare types of jam. Feijoa jam, walnuts, white cherry, dogwood, mulberry, orange – and this is not the whole list of jams that the brand can surprise with. The hallmark of the brand is sugar-free jam, which has won the love of adherents of a healthy diet.

“For our jam, we use only fresh fruits and berries, which we grow in the most favorable and environmentally friendly places. These are the foothill regions of Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, where the air is clean and fresh, and the land is fertile. Our factories are also located there, so raw materials go to production immediately. Our main rule is not to use additives of non-natural origin, so the composition of our products is extremely simple and honest,” say the founders of the brand “te Gusto” David Arutyunov and Akmal Ziyadullaev.

Jam “te Gusto” conquers not only the hearts of customers, but also collects prestigious awards at various tasting competitions. The quality of products is confirmed by many diplomas and medals.

A jar of “te Gusto” tangerine jam will be a wonderful New Year’s present that will give you the feeling of an approaching holiday. It is simply impossible to resist such a delicious gift!


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