What is Veganuary and how vegan month works

A month where you eat only vegan: this is Veganuary’s challenge! What it is, how to sign up and why it’s never too late to do it.

The challenge is to become vegan for a whole month, who knows if we decide to become vegan forever! In January of each year Veganuary starts, to prove to the world that being vegan is not only easy but also beautiful, useful for the environment and sustainable. And why not do it in the month where our good intentions for the new year they are just born and the motivation is high? Let’s find out better what the initiative consists of, how to participate and why it was born.


What is Veganuary and how does it work

Veganuary challenges the whole world to become vegan for a month, the initiative was born in 2014 from the provocation of two English activists, Jane Lane e Matthew Gloverwhich have brought the format to various countries of the world including Italy, managed in the Belpaese by “Being Animals”the non-profit animal rights organization based in Bologna.

If initially it was a small niche that knew about the event, there is talk of an attendance of around 3,000 people in 2014with the years thanks to disclosure, to some VIPs such as Billie Eilish and vegan food influencers, participants have grown exponentially. In 2022 they participated in the vegan month about 629 thousand people and one study found that not just lives were saved thanks to that participation, but lots 207,680 tons of CO2.

Why Veganuary was born

Veganuary was born to change a lifestyle rooted in human beings, omnivores forever, and which has led to the creation of intensive farming and the incessant exploitation of certain types of animals for the production not only of meat but also of derivatives. However, animal welfare is not the only goal, it is ever more relentless and evident the climate crisis that is crashing down on the earth and many activists believe that by becoming vegan we can help our world not to collapse (or to do so in much longer times).

There are many who fight for this belief, from VIPs to popularizers and also some information pages deployed as Factanza which he published a cottage of images with clear data to make people understand how much good the Earth can do by becoming vegan (at least for 1 month).

How to join Veganuary? It’s too late?

It’s never too late to sign up for Veganuary, just do it from the site of Being Animals. Once you have entered your email you can also choose the month from which you want to start with the challenge and, on the date indicated, you will be sent reminders and recipe books to avoid problems and start this adventure in the best possible way.

So you don’t necessarily have to leave in January with the Veganuary, even if it would certainly be easier since the various popularizers and food influencers will dedicate the first month of the year to the creation of content that can further help a novice to easily enter the world of plant-based nutrition, which is very different from the vegetarian one.

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