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Do you know what the dissociated diet is? Here’s everything you need to know about what it provides, the benefits and contraindications it entails.

Recently, we hear a lot about dissociated diet. It is an already consolidated food habit, introduced by a US doctor. This regime does not include particular restrictions in nutrition, but a lot beware of food associations what are they doing. We immediately inform you of the fact that this diet is not used to lose weight; its purpose is to follow a balanced diet so as not to burden the body too much and benefit certain aspects of health.

Dissociated diet
Dissociated diet

How does the split diet work?

In the 30s of the last century, the US physician Hay formulated the dissociated diet. It is a food plan, based on macronutrient rotation. The attempt was to improve her health with it, to benefit the kidneys affected by a particular pathology. The scheme was published in the book “Food Allergy” and involves limiting refined carbohydrates, simple sugars or red meat.

The term dissociated indicates the method of intake of foods, which occurs separately on the basis of the type of macronutrients they contain. In particular, the scheme of the dissociated diet provides for prefer wholemeal foods and doughs and high in fiber rather than containing refined carbohydrates; moreover, the intake of carbohydrates and proteins is not recommended Together. In general, plan to limit your intake of fat and protein, as well as starches. Also, recommend wait for an interval of 4-5 hours between meals.

Examples and foods in the dissociated diet

This food scheme is based on wholesome and wholesome foods. It involves a limited consumption of red meat and a extensive use of fruit and vegetables with meals. However, he advises not to finish the main meals with fruit or sweets, but to eat them after some time; the only exceptions are apples and pineapples, which can be eaten after a meal. Carbohydrates, in particular, should be consumed in the first part of the day. The winning combination, on the other hand, is given by proteins and vegetables.

Benefits and contraindications of the dissociated food scheme

We specify that this food scheme is not suitable if your goal is to lose weight, as demonstrated by various scientific studies carried out over the years. With the right food associations you can reduce the assimilated caloric intake, but you can’t lose weight. Despite this, the split diet has many benefits. It turns out to be a benevolent food scheme for health, to avoid heartburn, fight against gastroesophageal reflux and digestive problems. Useful for better understanding the composition of foods, it can be useful for following a healthy and balanced diet.

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