What to cook for February 14: some romantic desserts

Already at the beginning of February, something special is felt in the air: love literally soars everywhere. It is not surprising, because in many countries of the world, preparations are beginning for the most romantic day – Valentine’s Day. The holiday is also called Valentine’s Day and is celebrated on February 14th. Where did the tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day come from and what can you cook for your loved one on February 14?

A bit of history

The origin of the holiday is shrouded in secrets and legends. The most famous legend tells of the preacher Valentine, who lived in the 3rd century in the Roman Empire. Contrary to the strict ban of Claudius II (he was known as a very wayward and cruel ruler), the preacher married lovers, for which he was first imprisoned and then completely executed. After some time, Valentine was ranked among the saints, they called him the patron saint of lovers. By the way, Claudius banned the wedding for a reason: at that time Europe was shaken by wars, and, according to the emperor, a single man who does not worry about the fate of his wife and children fights with greater dedication.

True, not everyone knows the details of the legend. Valentine, who belonged to the upper class of society, could escape death, but his assistants could not. When they were captured, Valentine persuaded the guards to release fellow believers, and instead of them to take into custody himself. He wrote letters to his servants in the form of red hearts, which symbolized Christian love. These letters became the progenitors of modern valentines.

This legend is the most famous, but certainly not the only one. So, some historians believe that the tradition of celebrating the holiday on February 14 came from Ancient Rome. It has its roots in Lupercalia, a fertility festival that praises the goddess of love, Juno Fubroata, and the patron god of flocks, the god Faun. The ceremony was held at the place where, according to legend, the she-wolf nursed Romulus and Remus (it is considered holy).

“Fixed” the romanticism of the holiday and representatives of literature. For example, Geoffrey Chaucer recalled Valentine’s Day in the poem “Parliament of Birds”, and John Gower in his ballads mentioned the day when birds look for a mate.

In Europe, the holiday began to be widely celebrated only in the 18th century, in the USA – in the 19th century. In Russia, Valentine’s Day gained extraordinary popularity in the 90s of the 20th century. Modern Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated together with your soul mate. Couples exchange symbolic gifts and, of course, delight each other with delicious dishes – mostly desserts. By the way, this is a great day to confess your feelings – and a beautiful dessert will also help with this.

What can you cook for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day dishes have a lot in common. Firstly, they are light, as they are more like food for a picnic or a date in a beautiful place, but definitely not for a “dense” feast. Secondly, the dishes are festively decorated – in the shape of hearts, with bright red decor (pomegranate seeds, marmalade, marshmallows, etc.). So, what to cook for Valentine’s Day?

The simplest, but sincere option – cookies. This is a great gift: all you need is a beautiful box and a bright red ribbon! Most often it is made from shortbread dough, and to give an unusual taste and alluring aroma, cinnamon, coconut or vanillin can be added to the dough. Some housewives add beetroot puree to it to get a beautiful pink-burgundy hue. But the main thing in this cookie is, of course, the decor. It can be decorated with icing, heart-shaped confectionery sprinkles, or made into hearts from raspberry or cherry jam.

Another popular dessert for February 14 is pie. By the way, many cakes are made without baking, which means you will have more time to prepare for a romantic dinner. For example, an incredibly tasty (and also beautiful!) cake with chocolate cakes and cream made from sour cream, cherry yogurt, cherry juice with the addition of canned pitted cherries. You can decorate this pink luxury with heart-shaped marmalade, coconut flakes.

do not go out of fashion and cheesecakes. You can make a banana-chocolate cheesecake or opt for a quick “in-a-glass” option with sweet crackers and cream cheese. By the way, lovers of cottage cheese desserts on February 14 will also like recipes using granular cottage cheese, strawberry jelly, and jam.

fans fruit desserts will appreciate the spicy strawberry salad with basil, honey, chocolate sauce. And if you want something special, try recipes with caramelized apples, pears or oranges.

Do not give up on the classic delicacies – tiramisu or honey cakes.

But dessert ideas for February 14 include more than just sweets. You can make a festive omelette with bacon and vegetables for breakfast, pizza or muffins with sausage and cheese (of course, in the shape of a heart), ham mousse, salad with prawns and pineapple or canapes with different types of cheese.

Don’t forget about the main dishes. Your loved one will definitely appreciate pasta with creamy sauce and shrimp or baked rabbit. And those who love to discover new tastes will be happy to try grilled pears wrapped in bacon and basil.

Recipes for original appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts for February 14 with photos and step-by-step instructions can be found on the Koolinar.ru portal. Get inspired by our selections and delight your loved ones!

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