What to plant in the garden in March?

In March spring begins to make itself felt: gloomy days alternate with days when the sun starts to warm up. It is precisely in this period that the desire to be outdoors returns and to pay more attention to gardening and to vegetable cultivation. Whether you have a piece of land or you want to use your balcony as a vegetable garden, here are which vegetables to plant in March.

Garden or balcony?

For those who are preparing to get to work in full fieldthe advice is to rely on prudence and not be deceived by the first warm sunny days: the frosts could return! It is better to postpone some planting than to have to start all over again late in the season. Not everyone, however, owns a plot of land to cultivate. Obviously, who lives in the city must settle for one Terrace or a little one balcony. In reality, if there is a will to grow vegetable plants, even a sill it should be enough. The important thing, of course, is organize cultivation according to space that we have available, thus choosing the plants that best suit our needs and any pots of the right size. Nature will take care of everything else!

What to plant in March in full ground

March is the month in which the vegetables are traditionally planted in the garden potatoes. Il Jerusalem artichoke it is another tuber that can be planted in March. In the open field, but better if with the possibility of shelter at night or on the coldest days (with tunnel or non-woven fabric), you can start sowing directly even leafy vegetables. Green light, therefore, for spinach, chard, chard, parsley and celery. In this month, always making sure that the last frosts do not arrive, we can also proceed with the sowing of pumpkin and zucchinias well as gods legumes. If you haven’t planted before, March is perfect for planting your bulbs garlic and onion.

In seedbed

If we have a seedbed available, we will be able to sow a greater number of vegetables, thanks to the protection that this offers. In March they can therefore be sown in seedbeds watermelon, melon, cucumber e artichokes. Where the climate is harsher, it is advisable to also plant the various types of plants in seedbeds lettucethe chicory, basil, peppers e eggplant. I tomatoes they can be sown in this period but, calculating that the seedlings take from 35 to 45 days to appear, it is advisable to evaluate the times well. Otherwise there is a risk that the young tomato plants are ready for transplanting in the field when the climate is still too cold.

What vegetables to plant in March on the balcony

The month of March is ideal for sowing but if you want to create an urban garden on the balcony you could directly plant vegetables that have already sprouted, more resistant and also suitable for beginners. The zucchine Baby Round o Gold Rush They also grow well in relatively small pots, at least 20cm deep and 30cm wide. The same goes for the cutting beets as long as they are well spaced apart. Basil, rocket e parsley they are ideal plants for the vegetable garden on the balcony because they do not require great care. There lettuce it also grows very easily in pots if the plants have enough space between them, as well as i tomatoesespecially those of the dwarf variety. Even the eggplant they grow well in pots, but need some space. Finally, if you are looking for great satisfaction, opt for the strawberries. A deep and at least 30 cm wide pot will be enough to have a copious harvest!

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