Where and how to store wines: temperature and advice

Storing wines correctly is also possible for those who do not have a cellar: here are some simple rules for perfect conservation.

Did they give you a bottle of wine or did you finally manage to buy that bottle they told you about? If you don’t want to consume your wine immediately and want to keep it waiting for the right occasion, here are some useful indications on how to store wine at home. A few tricks are enough to store wines correctly and to keep their properties and characteristics altered.

How to store wine at home

First of all, it is important to know that wine bottles must be kept in the dark, especially clear glass ones. Exposure to light, in fact, starts the oxidative processes and above all exposure to sunlight and heat can quickly degrade the wine. A suitable place is the cellar or at most an environment in which the storage temperature of the wine is constantly maintained around 15 degrees.

Bottles of wine
Bottles of wine

Another enemy of wine is the smell: in fact, in order not to spoil the wine, it is important not to keep the bottles in a room dedicated to the maturing of cheeses or cured meats, the conservation of braids of garlic or onions. This is due to the fact that the cork in the stoppers has a high capacity to absorb smells of the surrounding environment.

In addition to the heat, the cold it can be harmful to the wine and for this reason white wines should be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days at most.

How to arrange wine bottles correctly

Proper storage of wine requires that the bottles are kept lying down. Well yes, if you too are thinking that this could be a risk because then “the wine tastes like cork”, you can rest assured.

Unless you have wine to be consumed young, bottles should always be kept lying on their sides. In this way the cork is in contact with the wine and the moistened cork it adheres to the walls of the bottle neck, preventing oxygen from spoiling the wine.

By following these simple rules you can keep red or white wine longer!

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