Where do you throw away the paper that wraps the panettone?

One of the waste that remains in our hands more frequently during the Christmas holidays is the paper that wraps the panettone. It is only one of the different parts – generally there are three if we count the external and internal packaging – which make up the packaging of the typical holiday dessert. For sure, that’s the one it makes us doubt more often after the last slice has also been served and we have to get rid of it permanently. Where does it throw so the paper that wraps the panettone?

Where do you throw away the paper that wraps the panettone?

The paper that wraps the panettone is none other than it diethe material that is used by the confectionery industry, or by pastry chefs if you prefer an artisanal dessert, to ensure that the product takes on and maintains its characteristic shape. This rejection particularly present in our homes in the days leading up to and following December 25 puts many people in difficulty especially because often remains dirty. Where does it go, then?

If the paper is dirty, it must be thrown in the dry/undifferentiated bin. However, there is one exception: if the paper is dirty but compostable can be conferred in wet/organic collection. To understand if the waste falls into this second case, it is necessary to look for the indications relating to separate collection on the materials that make up the panettone packaging, information now reported for almost all products on the external box in which the cake is sold.

Finally, if the paper is not compostable, but has been kept clean after the whole panettone has been eaten, then it is possible to throw the waste in the paper and cardboard bin. In order not to make mistakes, it is always advisable to consult the guidelines for the separate collection of the company that carries out the service on its own City of residence.

How to recycle the rest of the packaging

Once the doubts about the final destination of the paper that wraps the panettone have been clarified, they remain other components of packaging to get rid of. This part of the job is actually a little easier because i materials are more easily recognizable.

The box within which it is sold, in most cases the dessert should be thrown in the bin paper and cardboard. Il bag which protects the panettone inside the cardboard package should instead be thrown into the plastic. With one exception: if there are significant residues of the product left in the bag, it should be thrown into the dry/undifferentiated bag.

Then there are some slightly smaller parts of the packaging to pay attention to. Let’s talk about box hook with which you lift the panettone in the supermarket to put it in the trolley and del closure strap of the plastic bag. Both of these pieces should be thrown in the trash can dry/undifferentiated.

A further refusal, which, however, you come across if you prefer panettone Pandoroand the sachet of powdered sugar. This should be thrown away in the paper collection only if indicated on the sweet packaging. Otherwise, you have to throw it in the dry/undifferentiated waste.

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