Who is Antonio Lorenzon, the winner of Masterchef Italia 9

Originally from Bassano del Grappa, Antonio Lorenzon is the winner of Masterchef Italia 9. Let’s get to know him better in his private life!

We appreciated it to Masterchef Italy 9 for its 32-tooth smile and brightly colored shirts, but the time has come to find out more about Antonio Lorenzon, the talented winner of the ninth edition of the culinary talent par excellence. With her way of doing she has been able to conquer everyone, even the super critic Bruno Barbieri: she must have seduced him with her dishes or with the common passion for shirts? Who knows, for now let’s try to get to know Antonio Lorenzon better!

Who is Antonio Lorenzon?

Anthony was born in Bassano del Grappa where he lives and works. Class 1976, is 44 years old when he participates as a competitor in the ninth edition of Masterchef Italia. He has always cultivated a passion for cooking, passed on to him by both his father and mother: the former, more exuberant and whimsical than him, made sophisticated and refined disheswhile the mother has been reserved the role of bearer of the tradition. In fact, she is the one who taught him how to roll pasta, a technique that has saved him several times along her path.

Also there nonna it has a special role in Antonio’s culinary training: in fact, in his presentation sheet he says that as a child he was used to it prepare 30 ravioli for a snack. Originally from an area with a strong gastronomic tradition, Antonio has made the typical products of the territory his workhorse: asparagus from Bassano but also mushrooms from Grappa, peas from Borso del Grappa and radicchio from Treviso are his absolute favorite ingredients !

Antonio Lorenzon after Masterchef 9

After the victory in 2020 Antonio Lorenzon became a food influencer, home chef for both public and private events and created many collaborations with many companies in the food sector. However, it seems that he has not yet managed to realize his dream of opening a fixed menu restaurant on the French Riviera (table d’hôte), but finally it seems that another private dream has managed to make it come true.

Private life of Antonio Lorenzon

Before winning MasterChef, Antonio was a art director: his ability to create breathtaking dishes (although initially a bit too “baroque” for the tastes of the judges) is revealed.

His dream? That of opening a table d’hote in French Rivierai.e. a bed & breakfast with dinner included and to manage it together with the his partner Daniel. It would be the latter who would take care of the administrative part, while Antonio, the creative of the couplethe gastronomic and furnishing part is left!

Who is Antonio Lorenzon’s husband: marriage and proposal on TV

Antonio has never made a secret of his private life, albeit on his own Instagram profile there are very few photos with the Comrade Danielwho only became her husband in 2022. An accountant by profession, he is the young chef’s first fan, the one who always pushes him to give his best and accompanies him on every adventure!

The bond between the two is strong and Antonio wants him by his side in a new one life plan together on the French Riviera, at the helm of a small accommodation facility.

Immediately after the proclamation as winner of Masterchef 9, Antonio asked Daniel to marry him: “Thank you all, this is a very special day for me because it is a joy that I have received and it is as much glory for a person who believed in me and I want it to be a special moment for him too… will you marry me?“. A proposal that will go down in history!

However, the couple did not get married immediately, Antonio and Daniel were in fact married on October 12, 2022 in Bassano del Grappa in Palazzo Sturm, surrounded by friends and relatives. In a postAntonio also shared his promise, recited right during the wedding to his sweetheart.

5 curiosities about Antonio Lorenzon

• The chef who inspires him is Igles Corelli.

• His favorite dish is risotto with asparagus and, more generally, risottos because the first memory they evoke is that of his father at the stove.

Optimistic and stubbornwhen asked to identify himself with an ingredients he does not hesitate to answer the chili pepper and seeing it in action at the stove we have no doubts!

• Has a dog named Gaston which he is very fond of although one evening he devoured all the food prepared for a dinner with friends, after it had been left unattended on a table within reach!

• Like all Masterchef winners, we know he took home 100.000 euro and the possibility of publishing his book from recipes!

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