Who is Clare Smyth, chef of the three-Michelin-starred Core restaurant

Clare Smyth is now one of the most important names on the world culinary scene. His restaurant Corein the heart of London, has become a must-see for foodies and has already earned several accolades. The chef has focused a lot on the British cuisineas for the attention to sustainability and puts the choice of unique raw materials at the center of its menus.

Who is Clare Smyth?

Clare Smyth was born in County Antrim, in theNorthern Ireland and grew up in a rural environment which allowed her to cultivate a love of nature and cooking. After moving into England at the age of 16, he immediately turned his passion into work. In fact, he did mess tin in London, but has, then, done experience even in large kitchens around the world. He has worked among others with Alain Ducasse e Thomas Keller.

However, she was mentored by Gordon Ramsey. In the latter’s brigade Smyth entered at the age of 22 and quickly rose through the ranks. In 2017 the Chef decided to open her own restaurant Core by Clare Smithin Notting Hill and in just 3 years he got three Place Michelin. It is a unique case for a British female chef.

The Core restaurant

The Core by Clare Smyth restaurant is an expression of a definite philosophy. The restaurant aims to make the most of the cuisine britannicaoften overlooked or eclipsed in favor of the French one and to offer the customer a much better version refined and elegant, how much innovative. Smyth’s focus is, however, above all on the choice of raw material of quality, which come from a supply chain sustainable. The companies from which to get supplies are selected with care and excellence locals they are an integral part of the project. For Smyth it is also crucial that the customer feels at ease and that the restaurant team, rigorously very young, can work in a environment clear and in favorable conditions.

Menu and dishes

Clare Smyth has earned three Michelin Stars by offering dishes with unique characteristics. The products of nature they become the absolute protagonists of the preparations. Next to scallops of the Ethical Shellfish Company on the Isle of Mull, we find the potatoes rigorously selected by hand by English farmers.

The customer can choose between a menu classic tasting, a seasonal proposal and the option to order alla carta. From i dishes most iconic stand out the sandwich with caviar, beloved appetizer, and the Lamb Carrot in which lamb gives the role of main ingredient to vegetables, in an original inversion. The card of come is just as sought after and Smyth is particularly careful to offer both bottles of established brands, as well as alternative new to try.

Clare Smyth ha revolutionized the world of haute cuisine. A tasting menu dinner in his London restaurant costs from today 205 £ of the classic version to 225 of the seasonal one and the addition of matching wines raises the cipher of £135. THE restaurant is very successful and Smyth says he aims to continue improvement is his constant goal.

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