Who is Diego Vitagliano, the new generation of Neapolitan pizza makers

Born in 1985, Diego Vitagliano made the white art his own, becoming one of the best pizza makers in the world in 2023.

Not all those born in Naples become pizza makers, of course, but it cannot be said that pizza is not in their blood. Diego Vitagliano is among these, he who bears the name of the great Maradona and that he spent the early years of his adolescence not really knowing what to do with his life. Yet, after more than 30 years, we can say that she has come a long way. Let’s get to know him better between successes and private life.

Diego Vitagliano
Diego Vitagliano

Who is Diego Vitagliano

Born in 1985, Diego is part of new generation of Neapolitan pizza makers. Born and raised in the area of ​​Corso Garibaldi, Piazza Carlo III, near the station, from a mother employed in the land registry and a father employed in the municipality, he had a fairly comfortable life for a boy from the 80s in Naples. As a young man however, despite the possibilities, he never had too much desire to study therefore at the age of 16 his father took him to work in the pizzeria Carmnella.

Here, hard work and rigid schedules led him to move away. Thus he finds work at the Leopoldo. 2 years go by but the pizza recall it’s too strong and so it goes back to basics. He begins to knead and experiment with new combinations of flour and leavening, never used up to that moment for pizza.

Spend a few more years where Diego does the mess tin in various venues until September 2016 when it opens 10 Diego Vitagliano, his pizzeria in Pozzuoli. The place immediately turns out to be too small and so he moves to Napoli. From there she opened several clubs including one in Dohain Qatar.

Over the years it gets different accolades: 3 cloves for the Gambero Rosso 2022 Italian Pizzeria Guide, second position in the 50 Top Pizza in 2021 and first position in 2023, 3 pizzas for the 2020 L’Espresso Guides, pizza maker of the year for Il Mattino 2019 and many others.

3 curiosities about Diego Vitagliano

– Of her private life not many details are known. However, it is known that it is married and that they were born from marriage two daughtersIlaria and Flora.

– His Instagram profile is entirely dedicated to his greatest passion and work: pizza.

– Its menus feature a innovative cutwith attention also to gluten-free doughs, but the great classics such as margherita, montanara, marinara and calzone.

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