Who is Francesco Aquila, winner of Masterchef Italia 10: biography

Francesco Aquila is the winner of Masterchef 10: originally from Puglia, he enchanted the public with his dishes!

Originally from Puglia but transplanted to Romagna, Francesco Aquila, known in the broadcast simply as Aquila, is the winner of MasterChef Italia 10. Within the culinary talent par excellence we have come to know him and, although many say that you look like Johnny Depp, we are more of the idea that, also considering the work affinity, it is more similar to Salt Bae. Who knows, one day we won’t see him salting meat like the great chef! Let’s get to know him better through his biography.

Who is Francesco Aquila?

Aquila was born in Altamurain Puglia, the March 25, 1986 (he is therefore of the zodiac sign of Aries). She then moved with her family to in Romagnawhere he still lives.

His passion for cooking he was born as a child, perhaps even a little out of necessity. In fact, his parents were restaurateurs very busy with work and often the young Francesco was forced to fend for himself. Growing up he begins to follow his mother to hotels and decides to study to become room master.

Before Masterchef Aquila worked during the summer season in a hotel in Milano Marittimawhile the rest of the year is hall teacher at the Ial, the hotel and restaurant school of Riccione.

Aquila’s path to Masterchef

At the end of 2020 it enters the kitchens of MasterChef Italy 10 arriving in the top ten competitors. Here she always presented refined and studied dishes, aimed at enhancing the quality of the raw materials with sophisticated techniques. A talent that led him to the final and then to triumph as winner beating Irene and Antonio.

However, it wasn’t the first year that he was trying to enter the Masterchef kitchens. You can imagine his amazement at receiving the call from Bruno Barbieri who invited him to the selections!

Bruno Barbieri is the judge who feared the most, also thanks to the fact that he did not convince him with his own presentation plateof the cappelletti stuffed with passatelli. On the other hand, we all know how much the chef is tied to tradition!

Francesco Aquila after Masterchef: his career on TV and in the kitchen

And after Masterchef? From September 2021 Francesco Aquila arrived on TV with the Food Network program entitled “The Flight of the Eagle”, during the episodes the chef cooked various recipes for the spectators, telling a little about his idea of ​​cooking. Instead, from 15 November 2022 is conductor of “Italy bites at the restaurant”, also by Food Network and in this case replaces chef Simone Rugiati in the running. In this program, Aquila guides viewers throughout Italy to discover typical restaurants that tell the story of the tradition and innovation of the Belpaese cuisine.

The private life of Francesco Aquila: does he have a wife and children?

Not many details of Francesco’s private life are known although he is very active on his Instagram profile where he shares photo at the stove, videos and collaborations. What is certain is that she has one little girl named Ludovica which in 2020 is four years old. She is the love of her life, so the boy is probably separated.

3 curiosities about Aquila

– His motto? “Always believe, never give up” e “Simple is not easy”.

– His most memorable dish was Zio Bricco, which is also his favorite exclamation!

– His worst flaw is the punctiliousnessas he said on the show.

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